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Technology alone cannot protect your business from everything. Attackers go where security is at its weakest – and that weak link is your employees.

Your staff are the first line of defense against cybersecurity threats – not the last. It is crucial to educate employees on the existing threats they will be exposed to, how to recognize those threats, what to do if they encounter one, and best practices to mitigate threats and potential risks.

Mirazon is here to provide the customized, hands-on training your business needs to maintain a high level of security. Using a platform called Proofpoint, we will provide the knowledge, resources, and training materials to protect your people, data, company, and reputation against cyber threats. Our security training services teaches practical skills through a variety of course topics and security tools that include phishing campaigns, social engineering, emerging threats, and more – all at your own pace.

Mirazon is driven to help your business reach its goals. As an extension of your team, you can count on us to provide an individualized experience designed to adapt with your business, people, and goals. Our cybersecurity awareness training will better protect you from potential threats and data breaches using verified training solutions.

The Elements Of SAT

One of the weakest points in today’s digital armor continues to be workplace security. Fortunately, there are now more solutions for businesses to protect themselves from phishing attacks, social engineering tactics, and other cyber attacks on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

So, what should go into this type of security training? The answer is, a little bit of everything: course topics the cover different types of cybersecurity risks, simulated phishing attacks, hands-on training, analyzing user behavior, best practices, and more.

Of course, as with majority of things related to IT, this training needs to evolve with emerging cybersecurity threats while maintaining vigilance in recognizing “old” and current risks.

Knowing what is/is not being implemented is critical to creating a customized training program specific to your employees and business model.

Through our engaging content, we will educate your employees using personalized, evolving, interactive modules that can be taken anytime and anywhere, and can be altered for different departments and the types of threats each could become exposed to.

This includes simulation attacks sent to your employees that attempt to bait them into a falling for fake cybersecurity attack. The content changes and is relevant to what employees may legitimately be exposed to.

We will provide you with reports that contain analyzed results showing exactly how each employee interacted with the training assignments, simulations/simulated attacks, and assessments.

These reports are detailed and easy to read, allowing you to evaluate progress and identify what areas need improvement or which employees need specialized attention.

Our targeting training is a continuous cycle that will evolve with your business, employees, and existing threats. This is not a “one and done” approach, and we will continue to educate your employees on areas where it’s needed most.

Using the phishing test results, we will design and adapt recurring trainings to keep security on the top of everyone’s minds, making the front-line of your business very strong.

Mirazon’s Layered Security Strategy

Key elements of Mirazon’s Cybersecurity initiatives revolve around our Layered Security Strategy. Through decades of experience, we’ve developed this proven process that ensures your business, employees, and IT infrastructure are protected at every level from potential threat actors. Want to lean more about it?

Layered Security Strategy

Customizable Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Created By Users, For Users


Needs Cybersecurity
Awareness Training?

Every. Single. Employee.

If an organization is serious about protecting its sensitive data from cybercriminals, cybersecurity training for all employees, regardless of function, is an absolute necessity.

In addition, the industry in which your company operates and the tasks it carries out can be subject to federal or state regulatory requirements that call for yearly cybersecurity awareness training for all staff – including executives, temps, and contractors.


Does Cybersecurity Awareness Training Consist Of?

Training. Testing. Reporting. 

A successful cybersecurity awareness training program should reach individuals with varied degrees of technical aptitude and cybersecurity understanding – as well as workers with different learning styles – and should combine a variety of the following:

  • Formal education, such as established lessons with instructions and/or instructor
  • Informational learning opportunities, such as weekly emails with tips, policy updates, and cybersecurity news announcements
  • Experiential and immersive sessions, including gamification, where workers are forced to work through simulations and scenarios to assess their learning and reinforce their training so they are more prepared to tackle real-world cybersecurity threats
  • Security champions, who are employees that have in-depth understanding of cybersecurity who are eager to teach and advocate best practices to their coworkers.


Is Cybersecurity Awareness Training Important?

Defense. Confidence. Culture.

Any breach in cybersecurity nowadays could have serious consequences for businesses. One small mistake can do significant harm to both the person making it and the business, who must notify both consumers and regulators of the incident. The cost of a security breach is bigger than it has ever been, and customers are more likely than ever to abandon companies and platforms that can’t safeguard their data. The risk is therefore too large for many businesses to ignore.

Employees gain insight about the cybersecurity environment through cybersecurity training by using a variety of teaching techniques to instill a culture of security compliance in your company and enhance public knowledge of cybersecurity concerns.

Common Challenges of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

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