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Assess and Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Insurance Posture

Assess and Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture to get or renew your cyber insurance

Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats with Confidence

Bad actors are constantly attacking networks, preying on unsuspecting end users, or trying to infect your systems with ransomware. Let the cybersecurity experts at Mirazon guide you through the next steps of increasing your security posture as you prepare for the process of acquiring cybersecurity insurance. Our 21-question assessment will highlight areas for improvement in your cyber security posture, allowing you to set your business up for success.

Why Cyber Insurance Matters Today

Cyber insurance is a necessity, providing the protection your business needs in case of a cyber incident or data breach. With the costs of cybercrime expected to surge in the next five years, up to an estimated $24 trillion by 2027, the importance of cybersecurity insurance will continue to increase, and it will be important to limit premium costs for companies.

Cyber attacks can cost a business or government through financial costs, such as stolen funds or ransomware payments, indirect costs of resolving a cyber incident, including incident response and system restoration, loss of revenue, and recovery costs. In addition, a cyber attack can severely damage an organization’s reputation, leading to a loss of trust among customers, partners, and the public. Cyber incidents may also lead to regulatory and legal costs due to violations of data protection and privacy regulations. Overall, the costs of a cyber attack are high, and cyber insurance can protect you from many of these costs.

Fill Out Our Online Assessment

Benefits of a Mirazon Cybersecurity Insurance Posture Assessment

Through our online assessment, our cybersecurity experts will review and produce an analysis of your cybersecurity posture. This report will allow for collaboration between our experts and your team to identify areas for enhancement in your environment and increase your security posture before acquiring or renewing a cybersecurity policy.

Areas reviewed through this assessment include:

— Risk
— Security Policy
— Data Backup and Recovery
— Compliance
— Security Awareness Training

Security Policy
Data Backup & Recovery
Security Awareness Training

How It Works

Complete our insurance posture assessment, and our team will start by reviewing your 21-question assessment. We will then produce a report identifying areas where your company could complement or augment your current cybersecurity environment to ensure you are prepared for the cybersecurity insurance application process.

This includes:

— An actionable report providing areas for enhancement within your cybersecurity environment
— A review of the report with a Mirazon cybersecurity expert

Why Choose Mirazon?

Trusted IT Advisors With An Unwavering Commitment To Delivering Exceptional Service

Mirazon is a company of trusted IT advisors for organizations large and small. Founded in 2000 in Louisville, Kentucky, Mirazon focused on providing world-class technology consulting to local businesses. Decades later, we specialize in Microsoft, Wi-Fi, networking, cloud computing, and desktop support. While we hang our hats in Louisville, we travel the world to serve our clients from small, local businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.

Security Re-Created

Mirazon’s Layered Security Strategy and Layered Data Protection Strategy

Through decades of experience, we’ve developed a proven process that ensures your business, employees, and IT infrastructure are protected at every level from potential threats.

Layered Security Strategy
Layered Data Protection Strategy

Customer Testimonials

“Mirazon Has Done An Excellent Job”

“Mirazon has done an excellent job of providing my security assessments the last two years. Both times the project was started on time, completed on time, and within budget. The engineer performing the assessment was well versed in his field and provided useful insights throughout the process. I will continue to keep Mirazon in my rotation of vendors providing our annual assessments.”

— John Frost, Investors Heritage

“Made Us Feel Confident”

“You were our safety net and made us feel confident. It was well worth the money and time we spent. If we hadn’t have gotten the feedback we did, we wouldn’t be in as good of shape as we are now…Your team was very accommodating and nothing was a stupid question. As far as your team’s accessibility and responsiveness, I really appreciated it.”

— Rachel Rothwell, GeriMed

“Excellent Company To Work With”

“Excellent company to work with… I highly recommend Mirazon to anyone interested in getting more than just your average IT experience. Mirazon feels like an extension of your team.”

— Todd Taylor, Taylor Advisors

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