Domain Migration Services

Collaborate | Curate | Construct

Navigating through this process can be timely, expensive, and frustrating.

We can help with all three – and more.

Often, domain consolidations and migrations can take far longer than anticipated and can be much more expensive. Active Directory is primarily to blame for the difficulty in determining simple issues like “what should we relocate?” and “if we relocate this, what would happen?”

Your AD environment can feel a tangled mix of user items, groups with impossible nesting, and even obsolete items. As a result of these things, consolidation and migration can become a daunting task – but we can help in whatever capacity you need.

What To Expect When You Work With Mirazon

Discovery | Analysis | Cleanup | Migration

Your domain is the backbone of everything else in your environment. Merging or moving your domain requires an experienced and steady hand, and switching or migrating your domain is a nuanced and difficult process – one that requires extensive discovery and care. It’s more involved than just keeping your company running during migration or consolidation, but it’s also about the end result.

We want the results of your domain project leaving you with a more sophisticated and efficient IT environment. Mirazon has been executing domain mergers, migrations, and splits for decades. Allow us to bring our varied expertise to help you organize and manage your domain migration project.


We are your IT team


You will start with meeting your own personal Mirazonian team consisting of a network engineer, solutions architect, and account manager. The goal of this consultation is to get everyone on the same page by generating the scope of work for your domain migrations, and making sure all parties involved understand the project. From renaming a domain to creating an entirely new one, our experts are there for you, your employees, business.


Discover, assess, and prioritize your needs


Following collaboration, you will easily flow into curating, which mainly involves conducting what we like to call “discovery.” A discovery session is needed to properly assess what your domain structure currently looks like, the top priorities of the domain project, actions required to complete it, and a quote for what the project is expected to incur. Discovery allows us to better understand how to implement what you need and set expectations.


Stress free take-over from your Mirazon team


Your Mirazonian team takes over in whatever capacity you need – handling it entirely or working at your discretion. We will build, migrate, consolidate, decommission  – whatever is needed for your domain project – while educating and training you and your team along the way.

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