UPDATED How To: Add McAfee SaaS To Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange

Aug 7, 2014 by Michael Patrick

When I first published this blog it did not occur to me that the Office 365 accounts have some restrictions regarding what features you can access. In Addition as Microsoft evolves their product, some of the screens and the labels are changing.

Please NOTE: Before attempting to configure MXlogic for Office 365, confirm your email plan provides access to the Exchange console. If you do not have the Exchange tab as shown below, this will not work.

Log on to the Office 365 Console as an administrator of the account.

Click on Admin and then Exchange to open the Exchange Admin Center:


Click on Mail Flow

Click the + symbol and

Choose Option to Create a new Rule:


Name = Mxlogic Connector

Click the More Options button at the bottom of the screen

Apply this rule if = The sender is located outside the organization

Click More Options  – Add condition = Sender’s IP address is in the range of…., (Put on separate lines)

(These addresses are from the Mxlogic console under Mxrecords)

You can now use the two addresses at the top of the page that end with the /21.

This should be:


Once you have created the connector you have to the click the ENFORCE option.

Add a checkmark to Stop processing more rules.

Add a comment at the bottom of the screen so you will know what the rule is for if anyone looks at it later.

When finished your screen should look like this:


This rule controls inbound filtering for messages received via the Partner connector ‘MXLogic Connector’.  Messages received via this connector are excluded from processing by inbound rules migrated from the FOPE Admin Center.

Here is what the final screen should look like:


Now Open the Mxlogic/Mcafee Console.

Under Setup choose Inbound Servers.

Wait one hour before changing the information below. This allows Forefront to be configured and for mail to flow properly. If there is an issue.  Log in to the McafeeSaas site, and check to see if mail flow is paused.


Inbound Server:

Mail.messaging.microsoft.com (Leave the page open so you can test mail flow)

Do not enable TLS


MX records should be point to McAfee (Change these at the registrar. The only thing that should be necessary is to change the MX record. All else stays the same.


While still on the McAfee page

If mail is not flowing, check to see if the spooling has been activated on the account. If so make sure the changes setup in Forefront have been implemented for more than 1 hour and then set to Automatic.

While on the forefront page you can click on message trace to confirm incoming email.

Need help to add your McAfee SaaS to Office 365? Give us a call and we can help: 502-240-0404!

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