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There are a myriad of benefits to moving some or all of your operations to the cloud, whether that be servers, adopting Office 365 file sharing, or moving to a SaaS version of your line of business app. You get more flexibility of access, more predictable operational expenses, and less hardware to maintain and replace.

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Mirazon’s Cloud Migration Services

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Infrastructure Migrations

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Private Cloud Deployments

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Public Cloud Deployments

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Platform/Database/Application Migrations

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Cost Management and Optimization

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Disaster Recovery

Advantages and Benefits

We can support your digital transformation and move to the cloud by providing the proper strategy, vision, and environment collaborations. This is a collaboration with you to choose the method that is most effective for your team and organization.

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Expedited Deployment

With cloud computing, many different business processes become simpler. Deploying software and applications becomes a more organized effort with cloud services, and you’re able to do away with the necessity to set up servers and install the necessary OS.

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With today’s specialized cloud services, you can promptly monitor system outages or security risks with  a centralized monitoring platform, eliminating the time-consuming processes of reviewing multiple tools and systems.

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The task of securing the cloud, such as preventing hackers from accessing your data and apps, can be more easily accomplished by implementing automatic security upgrades to protect your data from vulnerabilities.

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Supporting a distributed workforce is easier (and much more secure) with the cloud. Users can access their data and tools from anywhere with an internet connection and have the same level of experience they’ve come to expect.

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Cloud service providers offer auto-scaling, which enables users to modify their consumption or demands of the cloud services according to their needs. By doing so, you can reduce your investment costs and distribute expenses according to need.

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Reduced Footprint

Another benefit to leveraging the cloud is that it lowers the number of data centers that take up your space, as well as the ongoing maintenance expenditures, such as cooling and electrical costs.

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Streamlined Infrastructure

Cloud services simplify network setup and infrastructure configuration. This helps to conserve valuable working hours that can be used to pursue other chances for business expansion.

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Digital Experience

Customers and employees alike can access services and data in the cloud from any location. This not only improves productivity, but enhances the customer experience.

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