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Disasters Happen. We’re Prepared

Organizations today need continuous uptime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The only way to guarantee that your company will experience as little unplanned downtime as possible is to use backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity tools and practices.

Whether you’re concerned about a single server becoming unavailable or the entire datacenter, we have the expertise and experience to help you create and implement a complete disaster recovery plan.

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Businesses Experienced an Unplanned Outage

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Business Disruptions are Caused by Hardware or Software Failures

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The Average Enterprise Financial Loss After a Disaster

Don’t Know Where to Start?

It all starts with figuring out where you are, then mapping to where you want to go. Identify and document your critical workloads, systems, users, and single points of failure. From there, you can make plans to introduce redundant or highly available systems where appropriate. Oh, and write it all down.

Start with our Disaster Recovery Planning Template

No Matter the Disaster, We’ve Got You Covered.

Our disaster recovery experts can provide near-immediate uptime after a failure – no matter the budget. We accomplish this through a variety of methods by simply recognizing that documentation, the sharing of institutional knowledge, and business continuity portions often go overlooked.

We make it a priority to guide you through the development of these procedures so that, in the event of an outage, your organization can keep running.

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Mirazon’s Layered Security Strategy

Key elements of Mirazon’s Cybersecurity initiatives revolve around our Layered Security Strategy. Through decades of experience, we’ve developed this proven process that ensures your business, employees, and IT infrastructure are protected at every level from potential threat actors. Want to learn more about it?

Download our Layered Security Strategy Guide

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