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Combine Technologies and Migrate Domains with Ease

When it comes to executing mergers/acquisitions, most businesses focus on HR issues, sales coordination, or a new brand logo. IT must also be given a seat at the table if you want a merger that works smoothly from the start, preserves cybersecurity integrity, and fully utilizes a company’s combined data resources.

Often, domain consolidations and migrations can take far longer than anticipated and can be much more expensive. Your Active Directory environment can feel like a tangled mix of user items, groups with impossible nesting, and even obsolete items. As a result of these things, consolidation and migration can become a daunting task – but we can help in whatever capacity you need.

When estimating the true cost of merging two businesses, you have to take into account the considerable investment you will need to make towards integrating the two systems. Factors to consider include:

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Data Security

Sharing data, dividing data access – you can call it whatever you want. Understanding the available data, its location, determining who can access it, and who should access it is no easy feat.

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Hardware Condition

It’s not uncommon to need disparate networks that are able to talk to one another – or to be uncertain about the condition of equipment in acquired locations. Let us audit this for you and create a plan.

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Short Timelines

The announcements of divestitures, mergers, or acquisitions are always short-notice and hush hush. Navigating these changes can be challenging, especially when dealing with intricate IT systems.


When you work with Mirazon, you can rest assured knowing that our proven processes are just that – proven. With these processes and best-of-breed technology in hand, our experts are able to simplify your processes, revitalize your technology, save you time, and alleviate your risks. After all, we’re an extension of your team – and your success is our success.

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Simplified Processes

Our team can help with reviewing your inventory of hardware and software programs, as well as your processes. We’ll then create a strategy to combine them, providing installation services and more.

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Revitalize Technology

During any merger or acquisition, you’ll need to standardize and optimize the devices that all employees will be using. We can assist you with the configuration of current equipment, the purchasing of new equipment, and the development of a smooth, cost-efficient environment.

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Save Time

Mirazon can assist you in making the shift smoother and more efficient by adding some helping hands while ensuring that your regular operations are not significantly disrupted.

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Alleviate Risks

The merger process can be a minefield, especially cybersecurity vulnerabilities, along with many other issues. Our vast experience with M&A operations can help you quickly identify issues and resolve them.

Our Services

  • Domain/Service Migration
  • Domain/Service Consolidation
  • Domain Creation
  • Microsoft Domain Integration
  • Domain Maintenance
  • Active Directory Maintenance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Application & Data Sprawl
  • Integration Planning
  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Imaging
  • (De)commissioning

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What to Expect

Your domain is the backbone of everything else in your environment. Merging or moving your domain requires an experienced and steady hand, equipped with extensive discovery and care.

We want the results of your domain project leaving you with a more sophisticated and efficient IT environment. Mirazon has been executing domain mergers, migrations, and splits for decades. Allow us to bring our varied expertise to help you organize and manage your domain migration project.

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Working with Mirazon

We understand that migrating and/or integrating two IT systems can be exceedingly difficult, especially when firms have disparate infrastructures, network capabilities, and security policies.  Because of this, Mirazon is here to support you during the entire process.

We’ll first perform a discovery analysis, reviewing your entire IT environment. We’ll then figure out how the changes fit into your new business, look for opportunities to consolidate, and assist in implementation and standardization.

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