Less Downtime, Less Emergencies,
More Progress

Work with Mirazon to get your information technology on the right track

Project-Based IT Services

You don’t need to pay a monthly fee and we don’t require a retainer. We’ll scope out some hours for you but if we don’t have to use them all, you only pay for the time we actually work. Our bills are as transparent as our engineers.

When we work with a client, our main objectives are to:

  • Reduce implementation time of projects
  • Lower total cost of implementing great technology
  • Keep the client’s goals and objectives top of mind
  • Solve real problems
  • Be transparent about our process and solutions
  • Provide above and beyond customer service
  • Minimize infrastructure complexity
  • Recommend the right technology and the right cost

IT professionals are expected to navigate a constantly evolving landscape, maintain services for an always-on business, all the while minding the dollars and cents. That’s like walking on a highwire backwards while dodging fireballs. Don’t do it alone — let us help.

We Right Size

Get the right IT solutions designed for you. We won’t oversell you hardware or software — we sell you exactly what you need.

Your Same Engineer Every Time

Your engineer will be familiar with your systems, your business model, your priorities, your budget. He or she is a part of your team.

We Only Use Best of Breed

To us, Best of Breed technology is the highest performing, best designed, easiest to live with, both technically and financially … and that’s what we recommend to our clients.

We Go Above & Beyond

For us, it’s not just about the job at hand. It’s about giving our clients what they need and going to whatever lengths it takes to get there.

Goal Oriented. Budget Conscious.

Your IT systems exist to empower your business. We will help you achieve your business goals while remaining within your budgets.

24/7 Support

Emergencies don’t have manners. They happen, lots of times outside business hours. We offer 24/7 support because some things just can’t wait.

Do our IT services sound right for you?


Wi-Fi for Anywhere, Everywhere,
All the Time

Deploy a wireless network you and your users can rely on

Wi-Fi That Just Works

The demand for high-bandwidth applications and services is exploding — more people with more devices are expecting the Wi-Fi everywhere to just work.

This can present a significant challenge for most IT departments. How can you ensure the end user experience while making sure your infrastructure is up to snuff without breaking the bank on Wi-Fi hardware?

High Performance

Easy Scalability


Wi-Fi That Just Works Awaits You

We recommend technologies that have proven to be the best in our industry