Less Downtime, Fewer Emergencies,
More Progress

Work with Mirazon to get your information technology on the right track

Project-Based IT Services

You don’t need to pay a monthly fee and we don’t require a retainer.

We’ll scope out some hours for you but if we don’t have to use them all, you only pay for the time we actually work. Our bills are as transparent as our engineers.

IT professionals are expected to navigate a constantly evolving landscape, maintain services for an always-on business, all the while minding the dollars and cents. That’s like walking on a highwire backwards while dodging fireballs. Don’t do it alone — let us help.

  • Reduce implementation time of projects

  • Lower total cost of implementing great technology

  • Keep the client’s goals and objectives top of mind

  • Solve real problems

  • Be transparent about our process and solutions

  • Provide above and beyond customer service

  • Minimize infrastructure complexity

  • Recommend the right technology and the right cost

Our Project Services

Remediation Services

Sometimes things don’t go our way. Ransomware sneaks in, a switch bricks itself, some blasted cable somewhere went out. We’re here to help. We have 24/7 on-call services and a team of experienced engineers to help you get back to business quickly.

Architecture and Design

Time to replace your entire production? Moving to a new datacenter? Overhauling your backup and disaster recovery plan? Let us help pick the right products and design the project plan for you to get exactly what you need within the parameters of your budget.


Whether you’re moving to or from the cloud, onto a new set of servers or switching domains, we have the expertise to help you seamlessly migrate.


We’ve got the best practices, we’ve got the industry-leading tools and programs, we’ve got the assessments to get your organization’s cybersecurity initiatives on track.

Customized Services

Got a team member going on vacation or need someone to step in and help with the day to day? Or are you rolling out a new initiative and you need help integrating your systems to Office 365? We see all kinds of great ways to use technology — let us help you with your specific project!

Industry-Leading Technologies

Rigorously tested and hand selected. We only recommend the best.