it consulting

Mirazon is a true IT consulting firm, built on service; not just good service, outstanding service.

Our IT consultants are among the best in their particular areas of expertise. We only employ those who  wish to be here long term and provide unparalleled service and response time. For this reason, we hire full time employees as consultants – not temporary contractors. If someone works for Mirazon, they are Mirazon material.

On your first project or troubleshooting assessment with Mirazon, you will be assigned a Primary and Secondary engineer. They are your primary means of contact it consultants to our service department. There is not “queue” that will allow you to get the next available technician that may or may not know your environment or may or may not know how to fix the issue at hand. You will have direct contact with your consultant who is familiar with your priorities, your business and your technical environment. This one-on-one service is how we maintain long term relationships with our customers.

In addition, we also have escalation procedures where we can bring in other engineers in an emergency or with specific  expertise as   needed. Furthermore, we offer a 24×7 on call service for those after-hours emergencies.

Often organizations need the experience and vision of a CIO, but do not have the size or budget to have a fulltime CIO on staff. Our knowledgeable professionals can fill this gap by providing recommendations on current IT needs and information on emerging technologies that can be beneficial in the future. Our “CIO For Rent” program also assists with items such as budgeting, licensing and equipment life-cycle planning. –Craig Stein