Keep Your Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Support Up to Date

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Sep 2, 2020 by Leah Weisman

Sometimes the hardest thing in the IT biz is trying to decide if the support/maintenance you’re paying on a particular software or hardware is worth it. The benefits vary drastically, and the costs can be high.

However, when it comes to your Fortinet FortiGate, it is critical that you keep your support active for several reasons, but one is vital.

First, what are we talking about here?

FortiCare Services

FortiCare 24×7 Service includes access to technical support on a 365x24x7 basis as well as an advanced replacement service for hardware failures. This service provides the assurance of around-the-clock coverage and fast turnaround for the replacement of defective hardware.

FortiCare 360° Service includes all the services that FortiCare 24×7 service offers, plus providing customers with recurring health checks through a personalized monthly audit report of their FortiGate and FortiWiFi appliances. As part of the service, Fortinet will proactively perform device environmental and performance audits for the contracted appliances. Based on the audit results, specialized Fortinet engineers will provide recommendations to help customers avoid unplanned service disruptions and detect problems before they affect performance.

For more information, visit here.

FortiGuard Subscriptions

Enterprise Protection Bundle
FortiGaurd Enterprise is protection to address today’s advanced threat landscape. It delivers all FortiGuard security services available for the FortiGate including NGFW Application Control and IPS, Web Filtering, FortiSandbox Cloud, Antivirus, Mobile Security, IP Reputation & Antibotnet, Antispam, CASB, Industrial Security, Security Rating, Virus Outbreak Protection Service, Content Disarm & Reconstruction, and core FortiCare security services with 24×7 support.

UTP Protection Bundle (formerly UTM)
Traditional UTP security services including Antispam, Antivirus, Content Disarm & Reconstruction, FortiSandbox Cloud, NGFW Application Control and IPS, Virus Outbreak Protection, Web Filtering, and core FortiCare security services with 24×7 support

Threat Protection Bundle
Core protection technologies including Application Control, AV, Botnet IP/Domain and Mobile Malware Service, Content Disarm & Reconstruction, FortiSandbox Cloud, IPS, Virus Outbreak Protection. FortiCare security services include 24×7 support.

For more information, visit here.

The most important reason: loss of access to services

While losing access to services doesn’t sound so critical, but it can take you down hard. Your firewall might be pulling web/content filtering signatures and other white/black lists directly from Fortinet. When your support lapses, you don’t get access to it anymore, and that can effectively shut off traffic to the internet and take you down.

This will vary depending on what services you use and if your firewall is programmed to fail open or closed, but even if you’re set up to fail open, that’s not great either, is it?

Fortinet technical support

The other and most obvious thing your support contract gets you is access to technical support from Fortinet. Your firewall(s) is mission-critical and, unfortunately, not immune to bugs or issues. If your firewall is having trouble, you really need the ability to call Fortinet and get quick assistance to get back up and running.

Backdating cost

Maybe you just lost track of time, and you do plan on renewing your support late. That can be done easily, but you’ll have to true up for all the days you missed (up to 180 days). Don’t think that just renewing later when you need it is going to work.

If you have questions about your FortiGate’s support or any other support renewals for that matter, we can help! Send us an email at or call us at 502-240-0404!

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