Working Overtime?

Keeping up with break-fix problems and meltdowns preventing you from taking your IT to the next level?

Mirazon Managed Infrastructure

Monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure is no small task.

Your organization’s success relies on the IT systems staying functional, secure and performant. The care and feeding of your networks, security, servers, and storage is time consuming and important and yet many IT departments are understaffed, leading them to spend their days (and nights) fighting fires and ignoring necessary technology strategy and advancement planning.

Okay, so what does Mirazon Managed Infrastructure get me?

Great question! For a predictable, monthly rate, Mirazon will become your infrastructure team. We are there to consult on where you need to take your technology and where your technology needs to take you.

We’re your security team, your server admins, your networking Jedis. We will administer and maintain your networks, both wired and wireless, your servers and your storage on a regular basis, perform patches and updates, and monitor alerts. And if you have a problem? We’re there to troubleshoot it and get you back up and running.

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