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Mirazon Managed Network

Your network is the backbone of your entire IT environment, yet is often the least understood part.

Having the right network infrastructure is key to accessing your file shares, your cloud programs, having a functional phone system, protecting sensitive data from bad actors or viruses, and to everyone’s overall productivity. However, the way switches and firewalls work is unique to other areas of IT and it’s not uncommon to lack the knowledge or time required to set up and maintain a network.

That’s why we’re here. We have a team of skilled networking engineers who can handle the overall strategy of your network design and the day-to-day management.

Okay, so what does Mirazon Managed Network get me?

Great question! For a predictable, monthly rate, Mirazon will become your networking infrastructure and security team. We will administer and maintain your firewalls, switches and Wi-Fi on a regular basis, perform patches and updates, and monitor alerts. And if you have a problem? We’re there to troubleshoot it and get you back up and running.

Secure Network Design

The way your network is segmented and designed is an important line of defense against malicious attacks, data loss and the spread of malware like ransomware.

Updates and Patches

We keep track of which patches and updates are stable and then carefully apply them to your network. We are an active participant in our vendors’ bug bounty programs to help clean up all updates before they get to you. You sit back and relax, we’ll handle keeping your firewall, switches and Wi-Fi up to date.

Experts on Your Team

Fill gaps in your team’s skillset with Mirazon networking specialists. They’ll be familiar with your network and apply their knowledge of radio frequencies, switch programming and cybersecurity to your environment to keep you up and running and secure.

Reporting and Analytics

We provide security health, risk, and usage reports that are simple to understand and provide valuable information about where security threats are coming from, what in your environment may need remediation, and what your users are doing. We can also create customized reporting by request!

Predictable Cost

We will monitor and maintain your network for a predictable monthly fee, easily modified if you add or remove a device. And we’ll plan ahead and strategize with you so you can plan your budget for any upgrades or additions.

Traffic Shaping

Prioritize your bandwidth. Don’t let iOS updates, music streaming or March Madness bog your internet down. We can help you manage your traffic so your cloud and mission-critical applications take precedence.


Allow us to assist you in sizing a network that’s right for your users, your bandwidth and your organization. We can help you scale up as you grow or your requirements change.

Simplified Compliance

We’ll play nice with your auditor for you and utilize our expertise and excellent built-in system tools to keep you PCI, HIPAA or SOXX compliant.