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Managed Firewall Services

Firewalls are the most valuable piece of your network security strategy, and yet it’s commonly the most neglected. That’s why we developed our simple, monthly Managed Firewall service to fill those gaps.

With our network security expertise and know-how, we’ll have your firewall humming along so well, you’ll almost forget it’s there. That is, until we send you beautifully intelligent reports of usage, threats, and activity that will help you make smarter decisions around user productivity and bandwidth allocation.

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Allow us to assist you in sizing a firewall that’s right for your users, your bandwidth, and your organization. We can help you scale up as you grow.

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Predictable Cost

We will monitor and maintain your firewalls for a predictable monthly fee. And we’ll plan ahead with you so you can track out your costs for any upgrades or additions.

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Experts on Your Team

Remedy gaps in your team’s skillset with a Mirazon network security specialist who’s familiar with your environment and business.

So, What Does Mirazon's Managed Firewall Get Me?

Mirazon will become your firewall team. We will administer and maintain it on a regular basis, run reports and provide you analysis, perform patches and updates, and monitor alerts. And if you have an outage? We’ll be there to get you back up and running.

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Regular Updates

As part of maintaining our expertise, we keep track of which patches and updates, and when to push them out. We actively participate in our vendors’ bug bounty programs to help clean up all updates before they get to you. You sit back and relax, we’ll handle keeping your firewall up to date.

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Robust Cybersecurity

With Gartner-leading solutions, your Mirazon Managed Firewall will be the first and heartiest line of defense against malicious attacks and viruses. With customized whitelisting, blacklisting, traffic shaping, and alerting, we can stay as agile as the bad guys to block their attacks.

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Our security health, risk, and usage reports are simple to understand and provide valuable information about where security threats are coming from, what in your environment may need remediation, and what your users are doing.

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Traffic Shaping

Prioritize your bandwidth. Don’t let iOS updates, music streaming, or March Madness bog your internet down. We can help you manage your incoming and outgoing traffic so your cloud and mission-critical applications take precedence.

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Simplified Compliance

We’ll play nice with your auditor for you and utilize our expertise and excellent built-in system tools to keep you PCI, NIST, CMMC, HIPAA or SOX compliant.

Security Starts at Your Firewall

Mirazon’s Firewall Managed Service provides organizations of all sizes with the groundwork for foolproof protection against cyber threats. Our team is dedicated to using the latest security technologies to enable strong, persistent, and targeted security for your network. Not to mention, our firewall and security services are customizable and configurable to accommodate your specific needs. They provide comprehensive threat detection and data loss prevention through deep packet inspection, sophisticated authentication and user access control, and alerting whenever suspicious activity is detected.

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Firewall Maintenance

Mirazon’s managed firewall service is designed to keep internet traffic running smoothly, and protect your network from malicious activity. Our certified engineers routinely monitor and maintain your firewall, ensuring it’s always optimized and secure, including regular patching and maintenance of your firewall to ensure that all critical updates are applied.

We watch system logs and events to guarantee that all suspicious activity is quickly dealt with. Secure firewalls are crucial, and by using industry-leading technologies, we provide the best possible security measures for your business, and make sure that you never have to compromise security.

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Give Your Business the Competitive Advantage It Needs

At Mirazon, we take every measure necessary to ensure that your data is safe and secure from malicious intrusions. We offer detection and response, in-depth network visibility, advanced multi-layer protection, innovative security tools, state-of-the-art monitoring tools, as well as maintenance and support services.

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