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Eliminate the Chaos in Your Network

Your network is the backbone of your entire IT environment, yet is often the least understood.

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Secure Network Design

The way your network is segmented and designed is an important line of defense against malicious attacks, data loss, and the spread of malware like ransomware.

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Network Traffic Shaping

Prioritize your bandwidth. Don’t let iOS updates, music streaming or March Madness bog your internet down. We can help you manage your traffic so your cloud and mission-critical applications take precedence.

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Cybersecurity Insurance Assistance

Let’s check all those boxes for requirements to get the cybersecurity insurance your organization needs.

Benefits of Managed Network Services

We have a slew of network resources and a team of skilled networking engineers who can handle the overall strategy of your day-to-day network management and design.

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Reinforcement and Skills Gap

Mirazon can give businesses a method to acquire IT and networking know-how without adding extra personnel, or give your IT team more time to work on other projects. Mirazon can keep an eye on the required services and troubleshoot as necessary. Network segmentation, remote access VPN, software-defined networking, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), secure access server edge, data loss prevention, or other managed services … Our experts can handle whatever you need.

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Maintenance for Many Different Types of Network Infrastructures

Network technologies are getting increasingly complex, requiring the blending of solution elements from various hardware, software, and bandwidth providers. Add on the element of maintaining security and any business initiatives that might impact design, and it becomes nearly impossible to stay on top of all things network.

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Network Security Solutions and Security Tools

Mirazon’s managed network services tackles intricate network security and compliance issues all at once, as well as application security, zero-trust network access control, virtual private networks, mobile devices and mobile users, IPS, IDPS, and more. Mirazon takes a proactive approach to remote network management. To keep business activities running smoothly, our experts continuously monitor and prevent IT issues through effective network security practices.

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Troubleshooting and Operational Support

Boost network confidence and relax knowing that any maintenance request or problem will be promptly handled by our knowledgeable network and security professionals. No matter the issue, Mirazon offers support through our vast experience using knowledgeable resources and proven practices.

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Wide Geographical Reach

The majority of multi-location businesses are growing operations and have a more disparate workforce than ever.  To address complex network issues, Mirazon has numerous collaborations and connections with network carriers, hardware OEMs, and network software providers.

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