Mirazon Managed Threat Detection

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Stop Threats In Their Tracks

Stopping Malware, Data Breaches and Phishing Attacks

Today’s best cybersecurity practices require a savvy mix of hardware, software, monitoring and policies. Think of it like Swiss cheese — each slice has holes, but if you layer up enough slices, you won’t be able to see through it anymore.

Managed Threat Detection is just one critical slice in your swiss cheese stack. By deploying Mirazon’s Managed Thread Detection service, you will receive regular reports notifying you of anomalous behavior in your network and by your end users that may indicate something has been compromised. From there, we can work with you on how best to take action.

Okay, so what does Mirazon Managed Threat Detection get me?

Great question! For a predictable, monthly rate, Mirazon will become your network monitoring team. We will custom configure our monitoring tool to your specific needs, run reports, and will be ready to step in to remediate should the situation arise.

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