We share knowledge. We follow through. We value customer service above all else.

When the partners founded Mirazon in 2000, the culture was one of the most important factors. A company’s culture affects everything else from there on out and the partners knew that it was the first step to a growing successful organization.

If you’re not careful when you’re in the office, you might get hit with a Nerf dart or two. Or you could get challenged on the putting green. But despite all the shenanigans we get into in the office, our number-one commitment is and has always been to our clients.

Mirazon’s Core Values

  • We deliver expertise without arrogance
  • We strive to bring value to everything we do
  • We do what we say we will
  • We bring honesty and integrity to everything we do
  • We treat everyone with respect

Our Customer Service Philosophy

To us, a “customer” isn’t just an entity external to our company for whom we provide services. Some of us don’t directly interface with those types of people but we still have customers. To us, a customer is anyone whom your job functions benefit.

Marketing’s customers are sales, accounting’s customers could be the employees, purchasing, our vendors, etc. See where we’re going with this? In other words, our commitment to customer service is a commitment to going above and beyond every day … and it applies to absolutely everyone.

Books That Have Made an Impact

Part of life at Mirazon is continuing education, but that doesn’t just mean keeping your IT certs up to date! We’ve taken clever and important business and management philosophies from many books over the years.

We’ve also been inspired by Gino Wickman’s Entrepreneurial Operating System philosophy and have implemented the EOS framework internally.

If you’re interested, you can check out Traction, Get a Grip, Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman.

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