Diane Crump

Consulting Services Assistant

My name is Diane Crump and I joined Mirazon in May of 2016 and have found Mirazon to be the best place to work … hands down!

This mid-western girl found her way to Louisville approximately 10 years ago. I bring with me a variety of work experiences: auditing, medical billing, office management, preschool directing, as well as managing an alternative high school for at-risk youth. I LOVE PEOPLE and learning the various things that make people tick.

I love being outdoors as well. Hot or cold, I love it! Hiking, biking, running, swimming … I’m in (or out)! I am an avid runner who enjoys getting icicles on her eyelashes in the bitter cold temperatures. Currently, I do a lot of my running after two teenagers: football, baseball and field hockey (school teams as well as travel teams).

I put down meat and picked up the vegetarian lifestyle in 1987. With that lifestyle change, a passion for cooking emerged. My DVR holds many cooking programs. When traveling, I try to frequent restaurants spotlighted on the various food networks.

I bleed BLUE as I attended the University of Kentucky. I’m a sports fan. I follow UK, THE Ohio State University, Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, and I cheer on teams playing University of Michigan, St. Louis Cardinals or Pittsburgh Steelers.


Cooking programs, all the Housewives programs—talk about crazy!

Attending sporting events

Diane Crump