Heidi Johnson

IT Service Delivery Coordinator

Hello, my name is Heidi and I started working at Mirazon in July of 2023.

I’ve always enjoyed work that’s varied and challenging. Before joining Mirazon I was an Infusion Coordinator at a pharmacy, but what I like most about my job here is that I’ll always be learning something new in this ever-evolving world of technology.

In my spare time, I like to hang out with my family and animals (I have a Husky-Coonhound mix, Anatolian Sheepdog, Siberian Forest cat, Red-eared slider turtle, and beta fish), but I also enjoy getting caught up in a good book!

Pasta…and anything that’s sweet!

Staying in a cabin in the Alps during a snowstorm

Favorite band is Tool. Generally into the rock genre, but can sway between categories.

Heidi Johnson