Justin Cottrell

Network Engineer

Hello my name is Justin Cottrell. I joined Mirazon in July of 2010.

I began working with technology in middle school when I decided to have Windows 95 on my home PC. From then on I have spent much of my time learning as much as I can about computers and technology.  I enjoy discovering new technology and how it works, as well as getting involved in technological new ideas.

I have wanted to work for a company that is very knowledgeable and on the cutting edge of technology, and that company is Mirazon.

I am currently attending the University of Louisville to obtain my Masters of Science in Computer Science. Previously, I have worked at the University designing and maintaining the University research network, as well as consulting for smaller companies in healthcare and business.

Being involved with information technology in Louisville, I have always heard about Mirazon, either through clients or their hosting of workshops on the latest technologies. To be included in a company that expresses such excellence and quality is something I am very excited about. The team has a very deep knowledge of technology and always provides great customer support. I am very glad to be part of this team.

I have a blog Traveling Packet for my network musings if you want to visit me there!

Master's of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Louisville


Fortinet NSE6


Fortinet NSE7








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