Kyle Haas

Systems Engineer

Hi! I’m Kyle and I’ve been with Mirazon since 2017.

I’ve got a unique resume for sure–I’m actually a biologist and have a minor in German language! I worked as an EMT during all four years of college and as a food scientist for two years before switching to being a full time “IT Guy.”

At Mirazon, I’ve worked with customers of all shapes and sizes, and I enjoy everything from implementing new tech to putting out fires!

Aside from being a proud computer nerd my entire life, I’ve studied in Germany and the Bahamas, and I spend most of my free time cooking, hiking, swimming, building things, or geeking out with my girlfriend and younger brother.

Microsoft MS-100 100%
IT Systems Administration and Support Certificate 100%

That’s a really unfair question, but I’ll say pizza.

A journey across Europe!

Daft Punk, Röyksopp, Anamanaguchi, Carpenter Brut, ELO

(Electronic Dance, Chiptune, Synthwave, Classic Rock)

Kyle Haas