Leland Upchurch

Inside Sales Representative

Hello, my name is Leland and I started working at Mirazon in April of 2023.

What initially got me interested in this industry stemmed from wanting a career that was more challenging than the one I was currently in. I was looking for a change from more physically demanding careers I’ve had in the past, and a friend from my time in the US Army was the one who talked to me about the IT field. I really enjoy learning all there is to know about systems, operating procedures, products, solutions, and more while being able to help people solve problems using Mirazon’s solutions.

In my free time, I enjoy diving into a book series with my wife and spending time with my daughter. I also like to spend my time working on my 1994 Nissan Hardbody project as well as competing in shooting competitions.

Thunder Run by David Zucchino

Travel the world with my wife and daughter
Alternative and Rock. Panic at the Disco, Falling in Reverse, Bad Omens, Loveless
Leland Upchurch