Dustin Lamkin


Dustin Lamkin Systems Engineer I'm Dustin and I started at Mirazon in August of 2020. I've been in IT a while and it's because I love fixing things and helping people. It's amazing that I get to play with new cutting-edge technologies all the time. And I [...]

Dale Mann


Dale Mann Systems Engineer Hey, I'm Dale Mann, and I started at Mirazon in September of 2021! So far I've really enjoyed helping out Mirazon's customers. I got into IT working for a distributor in 2006. From there, I learned about so many different types of technologies. [...]

Lee Kendall


Lee Kendall Systems Engineer Hey, I'm Lee and I started at Mirazon at September, 2021. Before coming here, I worked seven years as an IT Engineer for Publisher's Printing Co. which later became LSC Communications. At Publisher's, I dealt with all IT infrastructure and once acquired by [...]

Diyar Abbas


Diyar Abbas NOC Engineer Hi! I'm Diyar and I started at Mirazon in August of 2021. I've always loved taking things apart (or breaking them) and seeing how they worked, and I get to do that a lot as an IT professional. That and the fact that [...]

Jenn Smith


Jenn Smith Network Engineer Hey, I'm Jenn and I started at Mirazon in June of 2021. Growing up, my father was always a big computer nerd and a network engineer. When I was a young kid he always had me poking and prodding around in our ridiculously [...]

John Ross


John Ross Partner and Co-Founder I am one of Mirazon’s owners and co-founders. I received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Louisville Speed Scientific School in 1996. I believe what drives me most is change. I typically like to do new things, see new things, [...]

Karen Albers


Karen Albers Partner and Co-Founder I’m one of the four partners at Mirazon. I perform a variety of duties, including: technical staff coordinator, office mom, referee, playground officiant, professional Nerf gun trainer, design guru and, very rarely, technical duties. I’m particularly fond of sales. What other job can [...]

Greg Turner


Greg Turner Systems Engineer Hello, my name is Greg Turner. I have been with Mirazon since February of 2006. I have over 30 years IT experience and 12 years experience in management. I have mostly been doing consulting since 1997 because I enjoy working with both people [...]

DuRand Bryant


DuRand Bryant Consulting Services Manager My name is DuRand Bryant, and I have been with Mirazon since December, 2006. I started my career in information technology in 1994. I became enamored with computers when I was given my first PC back in 1980. It was a Commodore [...]

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