Hazel Security Guard My name is Hazel and my chief concern is...what are you doing here? Are you authorized? I may be small but I am in charge around here. In my spare time I warm my human's feet and run laps in my yard. I have [...]



Windswept Paxton Ferdinand CFO Woof. My name is Windswept Paxton, and my owners call me Ferdinand. You can also call me Ferdy. I serve a very important function at Mirazon as the Chief Furry Officer. I greet all our guests and I keep everyone's spirits high. I [...]

Kelly Groves


Kelly Groves Human Resources Manager Hi, I'm Kelly Groves and I'm Mirazon's HR manager. I got into HR after working in an admin role to support an HR director by helping with recruiting and benefits -- and I LOVED it. I loved working with people and being [...]

JoAnn Laudeman


JoAnn Laudeman Accounting Manager I started with Mirazon in June of 2004 after spending several years as a stay-at-home mom with my two children. As accounting manager I am responsible for all internal accounting needs as well as some “Office Manager” type duties. While my computer technical [...]

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