Taylor Krieg


Taylor Krieg Marketing Associate Hey, I’m Taylor and I started working at Mirazon in December of 2021. I’ve always said that marketing is the creative side of business, specifically when it comes to branding. Mirazon has set itself apart from competitors, and being able to tell the brand’s [...]

Adam Estabrook


Adam Estabrook Digital Marketing Coordinator I’m Adam and I started at Mirazon in January of 2020. Before Mirazon, I was doing the same thing, just at a different company, I've always been a technician and probably always will be. I really enjoy the relief a user has [...]

Leah Weisman


Leah Weisman Sales & Marketing Manager My name is Leah Weisman and I joined Mirazon in July of 2014. Before working as a Mirazon employee, I was their marketing consultant for almost two years. I moved to Louisville in 2012 and I worked as the marketing coordinator for [...]

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