Demetrius Diaz


Demetrius Diaz Account Manager Hey, I'm Demetrius Diaz and I joined Mirazon in October of 2021. I have had many instances where I have been on the customer side of IT throughout my career. I was always eager to learn and stay ahead of the curve as [...]

Kelli Stein


Kelli Stein Senior Sales Coordinator Hi, I’m Kelli Stein, and I joined the Mirazon team in March 2016. I hold a dual role of being an account manager as well as tracking data for our sales team. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and Conditioning [...]

Chris Proctor


Chris Proctor Account Manager My name is Chris Proctor and I began working for Mirazon in November of 2014 as an account executive for the Kansas City region. I recall that within just the first week of joining this team the passion, excitement, and enthusiasm the employees [...]

Leah Weisman


Leah Weisman Sales & Marketing Manager My name is Leah Weisman and I joined Mirazon in July of 2014. Before working as a Mirazon employee, I was their marketing consultant for almost two years. I moved to Louisville in 2012 and I worked as the marketing coordinator for [...]

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