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“Marcus Paint Company partnered with Mirazon after a Crypto Locker hack. Our entire systems were locked up and we were dead in the water. Mirazon came in, did an evaluation, and helped us to get our data back… We haven’t looked back, and in fact, Mirazon helps us to continue looking towards the future of how to make our systems more secure and stay relevant with the times…” (read more)

— Katrina Chaney, Marcus Paint

Marcus Paint

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Ransomware Remediation & Ransomware Protection Solutions

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Don’t Pay The Ransom – Our Experts Can Help With A Ransomware Infection and ensure your IT Environment Has Ransomware Protection Built Into The Systems.

Ransomware remediation is the process of eradicating ransomware from compromised network systems. This is a gradual process with many different sub-components, and each component that is impacted needs to be fixed. The persistent techniques included into ransomware make it possible for it to remain on computers without being completely removed- making ransomware remediation challenging. Wiping the afflicted machine or restoring its data from a backup are the two most efficient ways to get rid of ransomware. But sometimes this isn’t always possible.

Regardless of your situation, we’re here to help. Whether it be ransomware detection, ransomware remediation, ransomware protection, or ransomware prevention, our experts have the knowledge and resources to mitigate/prevent a widespread ransomware attack and ransomware infection.

Signs of a Ransomware Attack


Poor system performance because the script consumes system resources in order to execute searches and encrypt files.


The installation of unauthorized software, as attackers install numerous tools to assist them in exploiting vulnerabilities and performing other important activities.


Suspicious network traffic coming into and leaving the system as the ransomware script interacts with the Command & Control (C&C) Server.


A surge in disk activity while the ransomware software hunts down and creates encrypted files in your system.


Security system modifications are being made in an effort to prevent surveillance operations.


Backups are being altered with a plan of preventing the victim from restoring their data.


New account creations, particularly for privileged accounts in an attempted ransomware infection.

What Is Cyber Big Game Hunting?

Cyber big game hunting is a form of cyberattack that frequently uses ransomware to target important, high-profile organizations or high-value enterprises. In general, victims are selected based on their financial capacity and likelihood of paying a ransom in order to restart business operations or escape public scrutiny. This trend is becoming more popular amongst cybercriminals, and it’s crucial that your business is protected from the continually evolving threats.

Big game hunters use a range of tactics to carry out their attacks. The most common technique is ransomware, a sort of virus that will encrypt files and demand payment to decrypt the stolen data.

The CrowdStrike 2022 Global Threat Report states that big game hunting operations will continue dominating the eCrime environment for the foreseeable future, leveraging RaaS– making it easier for malicious attackers to go after your data and information. This is where ransomware protection is key, especially for the common targets ransomware attackers frequently go after.

Common targets include:

  • Large companies/corporations
  • Banks/financial institutions
  • Utilities
  • Hospitals/healthcare institutions
  • Government agencies
  • High net worth persons, including celebrities and powerful businesspeople
  • Any entity that maintains sensitive information, such as trade secrets, medical records, or intellectual property

What To Expect When You Work With Mirazon

Remediation | Protection | Prevention

Whether you’ve dealt with a ransomware attack in the past, are currently dealing with one, or are just trying to prevent ransomware attacks from happening – we understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be. Where do you begin? What are the legalities involved? How do you begin to remedy ransomware attacks?

When you work with Mirazon, you can expect our experts to be an extension of your team. We make you, your employees, company, and IT environment our top priority – just as you would.


The Incident


  • Isolate infected machines from the network
  • Isolate networks from each other
  • Establish ‘safe’ networks
  • Block internet access
  • Isolate backups/DR from the rest of the environment
  • Establish criteria for what a ‘healthy’ machine is


With Insurance & Law Enforcement


  • Find out what information is needed
  • Help start forensics
  • Validate timeline
  • Consider decryption tools


What Can Be Saved


  • Validate which machines in the environment are not infected
  • Perform additional scans on those machines
  • Move those machines to ‘safe’ networks
  • Establish specific connectivity for those business-critical machines




  • Restore to new/fenced environment
  • Scan on restore to validate backups do not contain malicious code
  • Validate functionality of restored servers
  • Establish specific connectivity to restored servers for business-critical functions




  • Work with insurance/law enforcement to remove old servers after forensics
  • Establish root cause and remediation
  • Provide guidance on environmental enhancements/re-architecture to prevent ransomware attacks in the future

Do you have an incident response plan?

An incident response plan enables businesses to act swiftly and efficiently in the face of a stressful scenario involving threats, disruption, or disaster – which can impact the organization’s operations on all levels – and are designed to address scenarios that endanger digital assets and data access.

Cybercriminals now have easier access to ransomware, making it possible for threat actors with less experience to launch complex assaults. Additionally, the severity of the harm caused by incidents is rising, along with ransom demands.

As your dedicated ally in ransomware incident response, Mirazon intends to lessen the harm done by an attack, get your operations back up and running, and reduce the likelihood of future threats.

conventional threat detection techniques are not enough

Antivirus software and other conventional threat detection techniques are simply ineffective against majority of these attacks. Therefore, you must have a dependable incident response plan in place that includes a ransomware recovery strategy.

A plan ensures responses are thorough

A plan is developed so that responses are thorough, and when problems do arise, uncertainty and panic-induced decisions are prevented It should include the obvious steps of identification, containment, elimination, and reinstatement of activities – but it shouldn’t stop there…

Lessons learned & continual development

Following an incident, an investigation of the root cause should take the organization through a lessons learned phase, allowing it to continue to mature the strategy and fine-tune future activities.

Mirazon’s Layered Security Strategy

Key elements of Mirazon’s Cybersecurity initiatives revolve around our Layered Security Strategy. Through decades of experience, we’ve developed this proven process that ensures your business, employees, and IT infrastructure are protected at every level from potential threat actors. Want to lean more about it?

Layered Security Strategy


“Marcus Paint Company partnered with Mirazon after a Crypto Locker hack. Our entire systems were locked up and we were dead in the water. Mirazon came in, did an evaluation, and helped us to get our data back… We haven’t looked back, and in fact, Mirazon helps us to continue looking towards the future of how to make our systems more secure and stay relevant with the times…The help desk is like any other… We have experienced little to no service disruptions over the past 6 years and that is saying something, because in previous years we experienced latency and downtime weekly.

In short, if you are looking for a company who will truly partner with you and take care of your IT needs like it is their own, I highly recommend Mirazon for the job!”

– Katrina Chaney, Marcus Paint

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