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Ransomware remediation is the process of eradicating ransomware from compromised network systems. This is a gradual process with many different sub-components, and each component that is impacted needs to be fixed. The persistent techniques included into ransomware make it possible for it to remain on computers without being completely removed- making ransomware remediation challenging. Wiping the afflicted machine or restoring its data from a backup are the two most efficient ways to get rid of ransomware. But sometimes this isn’t always possible. Regardless of your situation, we’re here to help.

Types of Ransomware We Remediate:

  • Cryptolocker

  • Wannacry

  • Locky

  • Conti

  • Revil

  • Lockbit

  • And more…

Jump into action with an experienced, multi-talented team

Experts with experience in cooperating with the FBI and cybersecurity insurance

Guidance and assistance restoring, rebuilding, and getting you back up and running

Creation and implementation of simple, actionable projects to enhance security and avoid re-infection

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What To Expect When You Work With Mirazon

Remediation | Protection | Prevention

Whether you’ve dealt with a ransomware attack in the past, are currently dealing with one, or are just trying to prevent one from happening – we understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be. Where do you begin? What are the legalities involved? How do you begin to remedy the situation?

When you work with Mirazon, you can expect our experts to be an extension of your team. We make you, your employees, company, and IT environment our top priority – just as you would.


The Incident


  • Isolate infected machines from the network
  • Isolate networks from each other
  • Establish ‘safe’ networks
  • Block internet access
  • Isolate backups/DR from the rest of the environment
  • Establish criteria for what a ‘healthy’ machine is


With Insurance & Law Enforcement


  • Find out what information is needed
  • Help start forensics
  • Validate timeline


What Can Be Saved


  • Validate which machines in the environment are not infected
  • Perform additional scans on those machines
  • Move those machines to ‘safe’ networks
  • Establish specific connectivity for those business-critical machines




  • Restore to new/fenced environment
  • Scan on restore to validate backups do not contain malicious code
  • Validate functionality of restored servers
  • Establish specific connectivity to restored servers for business-critical functions




  • Work with insurance/law enforcement to remove old servers after forensics
  • Establish root cause and remediation
  • Provide guidance on environmental enhancements/re-architecture


“Marcus Paint Company partnered with Mirazon after a Crypto Locker hack. Our entire systems were locked up and we were dead in the water. Mirazon came in, did an evaluation, and helped us to get our data back… We haven’t looked back, and in fact, Mirazon helps us to continue looking towards the future of how to make our systems more secure and stay relevant with the times…The help desk is like any other… We have experienced little to no service disruptions over the past 6 years and that is saying something, because in previous years we experienced latency and downtime weekly.

In short, if you are looking for a company who will truly partner with you and take care of your IT needs like it is their own, I highly recommend Mirazon for the job!”

– Katrina Chaney, Marcus Paint

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