We’re Loyal And Dedicated, Just Like Ferdinand…But Not Quite As Furry

Make a RE-FUR-AL!

If your contact meets with us about becoming a Mirazon client, you get $50!

Have you ever met someone who’d really benefit from working with the IT experts at Mirazon? Well, we built this program to help you sniff out good partnerships between your contacts and us! On top of getting a big kiss from our resident Chief Furry Officer Ferdinand, we’ll send you fifty bucks as thanks!

Who’s a good fit for Mirazon?

  • Someone like you, who understands the business value of technology
  • Someone who makes the decisions on what technology their organization uses
  • Someone whose organization has 15 or more users
  • Someone whose organization is mostly Windows computers (some Apple or Linux is doable!)

Terms and Conditions

  • Referral must be a new prospect to Mirazon
  • Payment will be remitted once meeting with referral successfully occurs
  • Mirazon may terminate the offer at any time at its sole discretion

Mirazon’s Promise

As a friend of Mirazon, you understand the peace of mind our services can provide. You also know Mirazon will not dog your referrals with sales calls if they are not interested. We want clients who want our services and we fully understand you’re putting your reputation on the line recommending us, and we promise to handle your referrals with the utmost respect and care.

So, what’s with the dog?

Meet Ferdinand, our Chief Furry Officer. Stop by and see us anytime to meet him. As a heads up, he likes belly rubs and peanut butter and can give big, sloppy kisses.

Ferdinand is a Leonberger, a dog notorious for its size and docile demeanor. He grew from a puppy to the magnificent, 130-pound show dog he is now, not unlike how multitudes of businesses grew while under our technology care.

Leonberger Dog With Yellow and Purple Tie

I Know Someone Who Could Use Mirazon’s Help!

Refer a friend, a business partner, or someone else around town who you know needs expert technology advice and consulting.
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Please provide the address you would like us to send your $50 to. This can be your place of work or personal residence.
Please indicate anything here that may be important, like if your contact has recently suffered a data breach or their previous IT provider left their employment, etc.

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