Ruckus Cloud: Your Go-To Choice for Single & Multi-Site Deployments

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May 14, 2021 by Leah Weisman

More organizations than ever before are opting for cloud-basednetworking solutions, but not all cloud-based approaches are created equal. At Mirazon, we know our clients are relying on us for high-quality solutions and sound advice. That’s why we only partner with trusted organizations like CommScope, whose customer-focused approach to business aligns with our own and whose products meet our strict quality standards. We only suggest solutions and products, like CommScope’s Ruckus Cloud, that we would be willing to use ourselves.  

The Benefits of Ruckus Cloud

Ruckus Cloud is incredibly versatile and flexible, making it an excellent choice for any single or multi-site deployment.  

Single-Site Deployments 

Ruckus Cloud is incredibly secure and easy to set up, deploy, and manage, and you can access your networking infrastructure from anywhere via the cloud, making it easy to manage. Multi-factor authentication improves security, and CommScope’s unique design allows Ruckus Cloud to handle a larger number of APs than similar competitors, improving functionality like failover (a backup operational mode that automatically switches your network to a backup system if the primary system fails). 

What really sets CommScope’s Ruckus Cloud apart from the competition is its full virtual SmartZone in the cloud. SmartZone network controllers make it easy to configure and manage your network, enhance security, and minimize troubleshooting while making it easy to upgrade systems built using Ruckus access points and switches. 

Similar competitor solutions are frequently difficult to integrate with other services (such as Cloudpath), and their limited controller functionality makes them unsuitable for deployments that require more than ten APs. Ruckus also offers a broader array of security and onboarding options than similar cloud Wi-Fi vendors, making their solutions easier to deploy while simultaneously improving security. 

Multi-Site Deployments 

Multi-site deployments require more coordination than single-site deployments, making them difficult to pull off and manage smoothly. Unlike similar competitor products, Ruckus Cloud has been designed with multi-site deployments in mind, which offers a streamlined management and deployment approach that makes it easier than ever to launch your new cloud-based networking solution across multiple sites. 

Ruckus Cloud’s simplified deployment approach also makes it easy to manage a multi-site deployment. Firmware and other programs can be deployed on a site-by-site basis or simultaneously, giving you granular control over the upgrade and patching process. 

To further streamline your deployment, Ruckus Cloud APs are designed with plug-and-play in mind: simply add the AP serial number to your portal and plug the unit in. This simplified deployment approach is particularly useful for organizations with remote sites or satellite offices, which may not have an IT person or other tech-savvy individual on site. The serial number can be added by your tech team remotely, so all your on-site team members need to do is plug in the APs and switch them on. 

For added security and ease of use, all Ruckus Cloud solutions include a built-in guest management portal (using all industry-standard RADIUS authentication options) and are fully CloudPath compatible. One guest portal is used across all sites and locations, making it easy to keep an eye on your traffic and manage guest access. 

The Mirazon Design and Implementation Process 

From initial concept to deployment, our friendly team of experts will be with you every step of the way. We begin by conducting a predictive site survey, which allows us to predict signal functionality (based on your site layout and the building materials used in walls, which can affect signal strength) and determine the optimal location for each AP to ensure sufficient Wi-Fi coverage and signal strength. We also determine if any wiring or cabling work is required. 

We will also sit down with your team to determine your organizations’ specific requirements, including:  

  • How many users your network needs to be able to support at any given time 
  • How you want your guest network to be configured 
  • What security features (such as encryption) you require 
  • Your general network infrastructure, including whether you will require power over ethernet, your expected bandwidth performance, and the robustness of your existing network 

Common Design and Implementation Considerations (and How We Address Them) 

Designing and deploying a network is quite involved, and without a proper plan, things can get messy quickly. The Ruckus Cloud platform removes unnecessary complications by streamlining the design and deployment process as much as possible for simple wireless networks, like small deployments and remote sites, which don’t necessarily require a lot of management or network overhead. As long as your Ruckus Cloud AP has internet access, it can work with Ruckus Cloud. 

For larger locations that require multiple APs, Ruckus Cloud solutions can be configured to implement more robust networking strategies, such as AP management, VLANs, or NAC (network access control) services. Ruckus Cloud allows you to manage your entire solution using one simple single-pane-of-glass portal, giving you full visibility and control at all times across your entire network. 

All settings are universal. That means that employees of a company with a large headquarters as well as a handful of small satellite offices can move easily between locations without having to re-authenticate or sign in to the network again. At the same time, the solution is flexible enough to accommodate the level of networking complexity or security functions you need to ensure your network, data, and users remain secure and organized. 

Not everyone is an IT wiz, and that’s okay. The friendly experts at Mirazon are here to help! From design to deployment, if you have questions or need help troubleshooting an IT issue, our team is here for you.  

Want to leave the tech stuff up to the experts? We offer a wide selection of managed services, including managed networking and managed infrastructure, allowing you and your team to focus on your business and leave the IT to your team of trusted Mirazon experts. 

For more information about the Ruckus Cloud, or to get started designing your cloud solution, please contact our team today.   

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