Well, we can’t say this is a surprise to anyone. We came to you in January of 2021 to let you know that if you didn’t already have active Veeam per-socket licensing for Standard or Enterprise, you weren’t eligible to buy per-socket licensing anymore for those levels. The phase-out of Veeam per-socket licensing continues: after July 1, 2022 socket licensing will no longer be available to Enterprise Plus customers.

What If I Have Socket Licensing Now?

So long as your licensing is active and under support, you will be able to keep what you already have. Veeam hasn’t said anything yet (note the key word here is “yet”) about when socket licensing will be end of support. But keep in mind that’s probably coming sometime soon.

What If I Have Socket Licensing and Need to Buy More?

Do it before July 1 of 2022. After that, it’s Universal licenses or bust, baby!

What If I Have Socket Licensing and Want to Migrate to Universal?

You can! Contact us so we can talk directly with you and Veeam to work out the best way to make that happen for you.

What If I Don’t Want Subscription Licensing?

Veeam Universal Licensing comes in subscription and perpetual, so you have some options there.

What If I REALLY Want Per-Socket Veeam Licensing and Don’t Have It Now?

You can still buy per-socket Veeam licensing for Enterprise Plus until July 1, 2022. So, you can buy that now and as much support with it as feasibly is possible to delay.

Why is Veeam Doing This?

Veeam says it’s to make the licensing process simpler for you. Maybe the more predictable recurring revenue is just a fringe benefit for them? We can only speculate.

Universal licensing is more flexible and can be used for more Windows/Linux physical servers, workstations, NAS, AWS, Azure, and more, not just VMware or Hyper-V.

Want help understanding how this change will affect you? We can help. Send us an email at info@mirazon.com or call us at 502-240-404!