Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Mirazon-Led Custom Employee Training

Technology alone cannot protect your business from everything. Attackers go where security is weakest, including employees.

Your staff are the first line of defense against cybersecurity threats – not the last. It is crucial to educate employees on the existing threats they will be exposed to, how to recognize those threats, and what to do if they encounter one.

Cybersecurity threats are constantly changing and utilizing ways to breach your systems, so it is crucial that the training be implemented as these changes come along. Let Mirazon do the work for you.

It’s critical that the correct training is delivered to the right people at the right time. Using a combination of tools and methods, Mirazon can provide a catered program for your employees and business that helps improve employee behavior and reduce exposure.

Mirazon is here to provide the customized, hands-on training your business needs to maintain a high level of security. Using a platform called Proofpoint, we will provide the knowledge to protect your people, data, company, and reputation against cyberthreats.

Mirazon is driven to help your business reach its goals. As an extension of your team, you can count on us to provide an individualized experience designed to adapt with your business.

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