Set Your Team Up for Success, and Keep Your Customers Happy, with Reliable Wi-Fi Solutions for SMBs

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Apr 14, 2021 by Leah Weisman

Though Wi-Fi was once considered nice-to-have, not need-to-havea luxury and not a requirement, it has become essential to almost all small and medium-sized businesses. Employees depend on Wi-Fi to stay connected as they complete their daily work tasks, and customers expect fast, secure, and reliable complimentary Wi-Fi as part of the shopping experience. Investing in your Wi-Fi can help both improve employee performance and boost customer satisfaction. 

WiFi is Critical to SMB Success 

Wi-Fi gives users, including employees and customers alike, the ability to access your network from a variety of locations via a wide selection of devices. Whether you are lookingseek to offer complimentary Wi-Fi in your coffee shop or allowingallow your team to move seamlessly between their desks, the conference room, and various other workspaces, offering Wi-Fi allows users to move around without sacrificing connectivity. 

Wi-Fi has become so commonplace that users expect to be able to connect to the internet from almost anywhere. You need a network capable of supporting the maximum number of devices it is likely to encounter at any given time without sacrificing speed or connection reliability. A spotty connection leaves employees and customers frustrated, impacting your team’s productivity and diminishing the customer experience. 

The Problem with Off-the-Shelf Solutions 

Off-the-shelf solutions promise fast, reliable Wi-Fi at an affordable price, but there is a catch.      

Most off-the-shelf products aren’t able to offer the signal strength or features commercial Wi-Fi networks require. Most one-size-fits-all solutions don’t offer customizable settings, and few take cybersecurity as seriously as they should. 

Unsecured Wi-Fi is a serious threat to your business, as some users may take advantage of your lax Wi-Fi security settings to download files illegally (opening your business up to liability) or hack your network to capture payment information. All Wi-Fi networks need to be designed and deployed with cybersecurity in mind to ensure both your business and its digital assets remain secure.  

As such, most off-the-shelf solutions are unsuitable for commercial purposes and may compromise your cybersecurity posture. 

The Mirazon Network Design & Deployment Process  

The Mirazon team has been designing, deploying, and maintaining Wi-Fi networks for SMBs in America’s Heartland and beyond for over twenty years. To help ensure you get the most out of your Wi-Fi network, we begin with a site survey, which allows us to assess your building’s materials and give us a lay of the land. 

Different building materials have different effects on Wi-Fi signals, so what your space is made of needs to be carefully considered during the planning process. Our team will also evaluate any other impediments (such as a competing Wi-Fi signal from the shop next door) and evaluate any devices (such as warehouse hand-scanners or the office microwave) that could impact Wi-Fi strength and hinder the user experience. 

During the planning phase, we also sit down with your team to discuss your business Wi-Fi needs and determine how many devices the network will need to support at any given time. 

We will also answer any questions you may have about the design and deployment process or your solution. 

Our team will then use the information we have gathered to design and validate your network to ensure it is robust enough to support your Wi-Fi needs. Once we have a final plan in place, we will deploy and test your network to ensure everything is working correctly. 

Once your network has been deployed, our team of experts is here to help with any issues or troubleshooting, allowing you and your team to focus on your business and leave the IT up to us. 

Not everyone is an IT wiz, which is why our team is always here to help. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and our reputation as a trusted partner who offers honest, unbiased advice and reliable, well-designed, high-quality solutions at competitive prices.  

[The Mirazon team is made up of] outstanding people who understand the needs of business owners and respond accordingly. Great at providing solutions with context that is easy to understand. They provide a level of service that makes you feel valued and appreciated!”  

– Managing partner at BLVD Private Wealth  

Why We Work with Ruckus (now a part of CommScope) 

Our team only works with a handful of trusted manufacturers who share our values, and we never suggest products we wouldn’t use ourselves. That’s why we’ve been working with Ruckus for years: The CommScope and Ruckus teams share our customer-focused approach to business and share our commitment to offering high-quality products and solutions at competitive prices. 

Our Favorite Ruckus Products 

For commercial Wi-Fi solutions, our team loves Ruckus Unleashed, an easy-to-install, simple-to-manage group of access points specifically designed for commercial Wi-Fi networks. 

For cloud-based Wi-Fi solutions, our experts often turn to Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, which is ideal for IT lean organizations looking for a way to easily provision, manage, optimize, and troubleshoot their high-performance wired and wireless enterprise networks.   

Keeping Your Wi-Fi Network Safe 

You need a network that keeps security top-of-mind throughout the entire design process. Custom-designed, business-grade Wi-Fi solutions offer the features you need to safeguard your digital assets by allowing you to segment your network. Segmentation allows you to carefully sequester sensitive data (such as employee files, financial data, and client information) from the rest of your network and surrounding those sensitive areas with enhanced cybersecurity measures.  

Wi-Fi networks built with security in mind also give you more granular control over who is using your network and what they are doing, making it easier to identify and halt illegal or malicious activity before your network, or your business, is compromised. 

Looking for a Custom Wi-Fi Solution? Our Team is Here to Help! 

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi is essential for almost any business, but choosing the right solution isn’t always easy. Our team will work with you to determine your needs and create a secure network designed to meet those needs. For more information about Wi-Fi networks, or to begin designing your solution, please contact our team today.  

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