Rather than simply selling software, hardware and services, Mirazon develops solutions that help organizations reach their goals.

While we are experts at a wide array of technologies and thoroughly enjoy being at the forefront of innovation, we do not install technology for technology’s sake. We implement solutions that are in the best interest of our clients rather than forcing products or technologies that may not be necessary.

We are fully committed to the technology we recommend to our clients. We rely on the same systems we recommend for our clients to manage our technology environment. As a result we have first hand experience on how to install and support them.

We stand behind and support our solutions. We ensure that they produce the results that you need for your organization.

In my experience, Mirazon doesn't quit until a problem is solved -- and that is invaluable when a technology crisis arises.

Scott Bagley, Spalding University

Each employee I've dealt with has an outstanding knowledge of the issues they were to assist with. They have also had an exceptional knowledge of the IT market in general to answer questions.

Dale Gardner, Speed Art Museum


Whether you have one server or 500 servers, you can achieve much more by virtualizing your technology environment.


Storage solutions should do three things very well: store data, protect data, and move data. 

Networking & Wi-Fi

Creating an optimal network architecture involves more than simply purchasing the hardware and installing drivers.

Backup & DR

Your BDR plan should be easy to maintain, easy to access and easy to implement. You need to be assured your data is safe.