IT Designed for Peace of Mind

IT Experts to Augment Your Team

IT Staff Augmentation

Take it off your plate and off your mind for a flat, predictable monthly rate with our managed services or schedule a tech to come onsite and help you out a few days a week. Pay upfront or only for the time you use. No retainers required.

Managed Services

With our Managed Services program, you won’t be slapped with a surprise IT bill again. You get predictable, monthly costs and a deep bench of technical talent available to you every day.

Block Time Agreements

Buy a block of consulting hours up front to use up with your Mirazon engineer(s) as you see fit. Avoid suffering from surprise budget cuts by buying your time up front or allocate use-it-or-lose-it bugets.

Time and Materials

Pay as you go with our time and materials service hours. We bill in 15-minute increments after the work is completed. Just give us a call any time you need help and we’ll get you scheduled!

Retainers Not Required

While we have agreements in place for managed services, you don’t have to have a contract or a retainer to reach out and request assistance from the Mirazon technical team.

Are you looking for IT staff augmentation?

IT Designed for Peace of Mind

Midnight alerts that are unimportant. Malware sneaking its way in. Slow connectivity. Compliance audits. Updates bricking your hardware.

If your firewall makes you want to tear your hair out or you just cannot devote the time necessary to becoming an information security specialist, you’ve come to the right place!

Your firewall is the most valuable piece of your network security strategy and yet it is most commonly the most neglected. That’s why we developed our simple monthly Managed Firewall service to fill those gaps.

Prevent costly downtime.

Get regular reports to make smart decisions about bandwidth and security.

Refocus on the important tasks you need to accomplish.

Are you looking for IT peace of mind?

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