Staff Augmentation

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Our experienced engineering teams produce dream-team results, without the headaches of hiring.

Talent that performs as well as your dream team would

Experts that collaborate seamlessly with your team – whether it be onsite or remotely

Years of experience amongst our Senior Engineers

When Is It Time For Staff Augmentation?

The two issues that plague modern firms are the urgent need for new talent and redundancy. However, Mirazon’s IT staff augmentation services enable your access to top IT experts who possess expertise, professional competence, and all your team’s needs — and then some — to work for you.

Short On Time
Projects and deadlines can get the best of everyone. We are here to help you fill in the gaps
Looking for outside-the-office expertise and skills for certain aspects of the business? You can count on us
Scale your business rapidly while looking for a a more permanent workforce solution

Our Services

Enhanced Capacity

Need help with increased workloads and projects? We are here for you when you just need a helping hand – or two or three.

Bridging the Gap

Use Mirazon as a bridge to fill in the gap for longer-term needs while you build a permanent workforce (new business, location, etc.).

Specialized Knowledge & Capabilities

For temporary outside-the-office specific skills requirements, such as setting up certain facilities and technology.

Tactical & Strategic

Build a team consisting of skilled professionals using flexible labor to help your business gain a competitive edge and become more nimble in terms of core competencies.

Working With Mirazon

Enduring Collaboration With A Focus On Flexibility


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