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Helpdesk Engineer

Blayne Morta

Hey, I’m Blayne, and I started working at Mirazon in December 2023.

My interest in technology stems from a love for troubleshooting and getting things done. Before Mirazon, I worked as an IT Support Engineer, dealing with various technical challenges. I genuinely enjoy every aspect of my job, from interacting with new faces to solving head-scratching IT issues. Sharing laughs and stories with colleagues is a highlight.

Outside of work, I love traveling with my girlfriend and diving into sim racing games. It’s my way of combining technology with a bit of excitement. Whether I’m troubleshooting or racing virtually, I’m always up for new challenges and enjoying the journey.

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Favorite Food

My mom’s mac and cheese, but Haribo Jelly Babies (gummy bears) are my kryptonite

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Favorite Music

Mostly local deep house and amapiano… and a little bit of rap… and metal :P

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Dream Vacation

Backpacking most of South East Asia

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