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Account Manager

Demetrius Diaz

Hey, I’m Demetrius Diaz and I joined Mirazon in October of 2021.

I have had many instances where I have been on the customer side of IT throughout my career. I was always eager to learn and stay ahead of the curve as much as possible. I found myself looking for a career change and IT has always interested me, so I was excited to join Mirazon when the opportunity presented itself.

I am a retired chef, so I love to cook, travel, and enjoy new experiences. I have a lot of stamps on my passport, mostly in the Caribbean, with Europe being the future plan. I do love throwing small cookouts and get togethers, usually followed by a bonfire. I feel I’m most at ease when outdoors and working with my hands, from building a shed to making my wife a greenhouse in our back yard.
I have been in Louisville for since 2009. I moved to here to help build the Roosters franchise. I’m originally from a small farm town in northwest Ohio, but I moved around the East coast and midwest as a chef and restaurant manager. I am a big Ohio State football fan!

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Favorite Food

As a chef this is a loaded question as I have knowledge of a vast list of food. I usually go with, “What I’m craving at that moment!”

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Favorite Music

I listen to most types of music except country. One of my all time favorite bands is Tool!

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Dream Vacation

A European vacation/tour starting in England, then to France, with stops in Italy, Greece, and Ireland.

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Favorite Book

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

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