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Managed Services Help Desk Manager

Derek King

My name is Derek King and I have been working for Mirazon since December of 2011. My fascination with technology started in the fifth grade when I did a project on technology and education.

I got my first technology job at 16 working for my high school. After that I was offered a full-time job managing my own school. I worked there until 2011 when I joined the Mirazon team.

In my spare time I am a volunteer firefighter with a rank of lieutenant. I also teach 14- through 18-year-old kids how to be firefighters. I am also an extreme gun and four-wheeling enthusiast, which takes up most my weekends.

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Favorite Food

Anything wild-caught like deer, fish, etc.

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Favorite Music

Hard rock, classic rock and death metal

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Dream Vacation

Any place warm with a beach and a cold drink!

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