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Leonbergers are a relatively unknown dog breed. However, when people see them, there are a few common questions I usually get, such as, “Do you put a saddle on it?” or, “Are you walking a bear?” During our walks, it’s not uncommon for drivers (fueled by curiosity and enthusiasm) to stop in the middle of the street and ask, “What kind of dog is that?!”

Hayden was born as one of 11 puppies weighing less than one pound each. Today, that same litter weighs more than 1400 pounds! As a puppy, Hayden was bottle-fed – but despite his ever-evolving growth, he continues to believe he is a lap dog (even though he’s now 140 pounds).

He has no realization of how big he actually is – his paws are bigger than most human hands, and he can easily place them on people’s shoulders when standing on his hind legs, which is all a part of his Leonberger charm.

Hayden has certainly made a name for himself in and out of the office – people always remember “the dog” or “the bear” (depending on who you ask), even if they can’t remember the breed.

Regardless of his size, he’s been coming into the Mirazon office every day since we brought him home from the breeder. He’s a playful spirit, and employees love having him in the office. Some people would even go so far as to agree with Hayden that he is a lap dog, going out of their way to win Hayden’s affection (which is an easy thing to do).

When Hayden is on the road traveling to dog shows, he’s missed at the office. Visitors, including many of the delivery drivers, come to the office and always ask about “the dog.” It’s easy to say that he comes with territory.

Whether it be receiving a greeting from Hayden through a wet nose, watching him get bashful with his office girlfriend (who happens to be a fraction of his size), or experiencing a 140-pound teddy bear hug, his energy is constantly putting a smile on people’s faces. Once you’ve been sat on by Hayden, you will remember the Leonberger.

AKC Leonberger Pedigree - 100%

Beginner’s Obedience - 100%

Intermediate Obedience - 100%

Nashville Kennel Club Best of Breed, 2017 - 100%

Top 20 Leonberger in North America, 2019 - 100%

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Favorite Food

Peanut butter

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Favorite Music

Anything by Snoop Dogg

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Dream Vacation

It doesn’t matter – as long as I’m winning.

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