Three Reasons You Should Consider Azure AD

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Aug 11, 2022 by Taylor Krieg

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based service that manages identity and access. This solution facilitates access to thousands of SaaS applications, the Azure portal, and external resources like Microsoft 365 for your staff members. Employees can also access internal resources, such as apps on your business intranet, and any cloud apps created by your own company.

But there’s even more to Azure AD you should know about. Here are the top three reasons you should be considering Azure AD for your organization.

NOTE: To understand the differences between Azure Active Directory and Active Directory, see Compare Active Directory to Azure Active Directory.

Ease of Use for Administrators & Users

Single-Sign-On (SSO): SSO is an authentication and session management solution that enables a user to log in to one application and remain validated in other applications – a benefit provided by Azure AD. This makes it possible to manage users and services with simplicity, including adding or removing a user/service.

SSO for numerous applications simplifies and accelerates the onboarding of new employees, the termination of access for departing employees, and the implementation of access to new cloud services. This allows users to be up and running more rapidly. Additionally, single sign-on promotes adherence to identification and security rules.

Implementation that’s fast & easy: Because Azure AD is so flexible (more to come below), you can easily find a variety of guides available for incorporating your Azure AD into numerous applications. But, of course, your Mirazon experts are here when you need us.

High volume of identity providers: Azure AD supports signing in using a variety of identity sources. Facebook, Google, GitHub, and, of course, Microsoft are a few examples. The ease with which people can sign into applications will be appreciated by your users.

Easily onboard new products: Experience pre-integration with all your preferred cloud services, including Salesforce and Office 365, as well as a quick onboarding procedure for any new platforms, systems, or services you introduce to your office.

Increased Security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) & conditional access: Manage self-service password reset, MFA, customized banned password lists, and more using Azure AD. MFA is aided by conditional access, which combines signals to effectively make decisions and enforce policies. As a result, there is enhanced application security and total administration control. Azure AD conditional access and MFA provide you with the security you need to keep your company, data, and employees safe from unlawful access.

Detailed reporting: You can better understand user behavior in your organization with the use of activity reports. With Azure AD, there are two categories of activity reports: audit logs and sign-ins. Audit logs give you access to a record of each action taken within your tenant. The sign-in reports allow you to find out who carried out the actions noted in the audit logs report. This helps companies to keep an eye on how their applications are being used, trends in your IT environment, ways to improve security, and defend against cyberattacks.

Risk reduction & superior threat protection: Microsoft upholds strict security standards and gives managers the power to allow/restrict users depending on their location, device, seniority, and many other factors. You can establish protocols to react to suspicious actions, detect vulnerabilities affecting the identity of your organization, and then resolve them. Related to the above point, Azure AD enables you to get detailed reporting that tracks application activity and gives you the tools to put stronger security measures in place to safeguard your company.

Flexibility That Suits Your Needs

Application, software, and platform flexibility: Azure AD may be incorporated into a wide range of application types, including .NET, Java, Python, Android, iOS, Ruby, and more. Other virtual tools and operating systems, in addition to Microsoft products, are supported by Azure AD. You have the flexibility to add whatever platforms or SaaS solutions your company needs to increase productivity and real-time communication, along with the functionality of the organization as a whole.

Right-sized solutions: Depending on your company’s demands and budget, Azure AD offers a variety of pricing options – allowing you to customize the service to exactly what you need. Azure AD also lessens the stress on your IT staff by handling password resets, application administration, and other tasks automatically. This means that as your user base expands, you won’t need to recruit more support personnel.

Available 24/7: Azure AD provides worldwide availability and service with 99.7% uptime and 140 data centers across the world. It provides employees access to the top cloud applications and services for businesses, on the device of their choice, from wherever they are, whenever they need it – empowering employees with choice and flexibility.

You might also find it interesting to know that if you now use Office 365, Azure, or Dynamics CRM Online, you already have an Azure AD tenant, and can use it to control access to any other cloud services that Azure AD interfaces with. If you’re interested in learning more about this or anything mentioned above, contact us below.

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