Time to Rethink Wireless: Next-Generation Wi-Fi

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May 20, 2014 by Andy Cook

next-generation wi-fiWe live in a day and age where every device and or piece of technology is or is becoming wireless. Wireless is a reality in all worlds: in our homes, at our work, in how we shop, and how we play.

The biggest difference among those three aspects of life come down to a few things:


If wireless is available, great! However, a slow or inconsistent Wi-Fi connection is about as good as no Wi-Fi.


We are living in a society that craves wireless everywhere.

Ease of use

If Wi-Fi is available, we expect it to be simple to gain access and just work.


Wi-Fi signals and devices should be able to handle anything and everything the end user can throw at a wireless network.

For starters, we need to address an issue that covers all aspect of wireless usage.

How many devices are on a network today?

The number of wireless devices has at least tripled in a matter of six years. For every end user on a wireless network there are an average of three devices: a smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop. Sometimes the end user has more, sometimes less. In the end, if you have five users each using three devices on your network, you will likely end up with 15 devices competing for the Wi-Fi connection on a given access point or wireless router.

While in our homes just about any Wi-Fi solution will work for a given residence – most residential wireless access routers will suffice – in the commercial field it is a completely different story. That story is where next-generation Wi-Fi creator Ruckus Wireless comes into the equation.

Ruckus Wireless is one of the premier wireless technology providers in the world. Their technology is second to none and is a solution every commercial entity small, medium, or enterprise business should look at for multiple reasons.

Top of the Line

First, Ruckus Wireless is one of the best options to look at for their innovative technology. Ruckus Wireless has patented adaptive antenna technology, called BeamFlex, that allows for the most consistent connection, reliable signal quality, and higher capacity of connected users.

What this means for the administrator and the end user is a pleasurable Wi-Fi experience for all. With each individual Ruckus Wireless access point, you can have a stronger quality of signal with more people connected while using less overall access points (depending on your environment the variables will change some).

User Friendliness

Second, Ruckus Wireless has a very user friendly approach to their wireless controller, the Zone Director. It’s a centralized location for the wireless network administrator to manage access points, service set identifiers (SSIDs), and all other parts of the wireless network for his company.

The Zone Director is an essential piece of the wireless puzzle for any network that has more than two access points. It is a central location to manage everything and it will handle the upgrade of firmware to all attached access points without the need to go update each individual piece of equipment. Network administrators everywhere rejoice!

Flexibility and Strength

Third, Ruckus Wireless engineered its products so they can handle whatever you throw at it!

In the end the most important thing in regards to a wireless network is how the end user enjoys the experience. If the end user is happy, the network admin is happy. The wireless user that is connected to your network doesn’t care what brand the device is. Your wireless users want fast, reliable, and consistent service from the Wi-Fi signal.

Ruckus Wireless can handle any sized business’s needs. You can be assured whether you have five users with 15 devices or 30 users and 90 attached devices, a Ruckus access point can handle it all.

How do I know where and how many access points do I need for my wireless network plans?

Mirazon can handle the entire process of planning your wireless deployment. We can handle doing a wireless survey. We analyze your floor plans and construction and how many users you will have to determine what the best wireless implementation will look like. We can also give you multiple options for deployment as well.

Remember, Mirazon can not just plan your deployment but assist with the install as well.

Are you ready for next-generation Wi-Fi from Ruckus Wireless? Contact us now for a custom solution to meet your wireless needs.

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