Top Features Of Server 2012: Server Manager

Microsoft Server Manager

Jul 3, 2013 by Andy Cook

Shift in Management of Servers with Server Manager

In Server 2012 there is a new idea being utilized for administration and management of servers. That new concept is the Server Manager console being the place where you manage, administer, patch, and take care of most issues for not just one server but multiple servers. This feature allows you to manage all Windows Servers 2008 or higher operating systems. In the new version of Server Manager you can set up servers into “Server Groups.”

Server Groups allow you to place servers into categories for easier and better management. You can create and separate the Server Groups however you would like. It is completely the user’s and/or administrative team’s discretion. Remote Management is turned on by default in Server 2012 as well.

The second, and most exciting, feature about Server Manager comes into play when you utilize Windows 8. The feature that will go a long way into changing how people manage their server environments is the Remote Server Administration Tools. This allows for full management of servers from the Windows 8 client. It is being touted as the preferred management approach. Ideally, the end result in a working environment would be Server Core on all servers and management of those servers via the Windows 8 client.

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