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Unfettered access to data is critical for today’s flexible, disparate workforce. Systems must be available 24/7, and to do that elegantly it’s up to you to select and design a resilient enough and performant enough storage solution that meets your organization’s needs.

With the ever-present spectre of ransomware and other malicious programs that seek to destroy your critical data, your storage should be designed with redundancy in mind, have multiple backup targets in disparate locations, and be secure.

Allow the experienced and certified storage and virtualization engineers at Mirazon to help you design and maintain world-class storage solutions for your organization, at a buget-friendly price.

  • Assist in customizing the spec and type of your storage

  • Balance your redundancy, performance and capacity needs with growth projections and budget

  • Select from several well-tested and proven manufacturers

  • Educate you on how to manage and administer your storage

  • Support and maintain your storage solution as you grow

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