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The Data You Need to Keep Your Network Strong and Secure

Head off any bandwidth usage issues or identify problem users easily. Understand where cybersecurity threats are coming from so you can stay ahead of the latest attacks.

Understand Your Security Threats

These reports will aggregate the types of attacks your network experiences and break down where they come from and which users have been targeted. Threats are ever-evolving, so knowing this is half the battle.

Experts on Your Team

Have something showing up in your reports you need help understanding? We’re here to help you analyze and remedy any situation you may find yourself in.

Predictable Cost

We will provide your reporting for a predictable monthly price. Customized reports are also available upon request at a time-and-materials basis at our standard rate.

Mirazon Reporting

For a flat monthly rate, you get a set of standard reports delivered to you on a regular basis.

Annual Cyber Threat

Quarterly Bandwidth and Application

Quarterly Login Failure

Quarterly Threat Report

Weekly Admin and System Events

Weekly Application and Risk Control

Weekly Security Analysis

Weekly User Reports

Weekly Web Usage

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