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Get the help you need to smoothly combine the technology of your two organizations into a single, thriving system.

When it comes to executing mergers/acquisitions, most businesses focus on HR issues, sales coordination, or a new brand logo. IT is frequently only given a cursory glance – but you must give IT a seat at the table if you want a merger that works smoothly from the start, preserves cybersecurity integrity, and fully utilizes a company’s combined data resources.

So, where do you start?

When estimating the true cost of merging two businesses, you have to take into account the considerable investment you will need to make towards integrating the two systems. A company’s data security, the condition of its hardware, the age of its software, and general governance are just a few of the many factors to consider.

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Simplify Processes

It can be chaotic to combine two businesses and having an experienced partner by your side is helpful with so many moving parts. Our experienced team can help with reviewing your inventory of hardware and software programs, creating a strategy to combine them, providing installation services, and more.

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Revitalize Technology

During any merger or acquisition, you’ll need to standardize and optimize the devices that all employees will be using. Our technology professionals can assist you with the configuration of current equipment, the purchasing of new equipment, and the development of a smooth, cost-efficient technological environment.

Optimize | Enhance | Standardize

Save Time

While integrating your new workforce and operations, it’s important that you keep the company operating smoothly. Mirazon can assist you in making the shift smoother and more efficient by adding some helping hands while ensuring that your regular operation is not significantly disrupted.

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Alleviate Risks

The merger process can be a periless minefield full of dangers, especially cybersecurity vulnerabilities, along with many other issue. Our experts are here to give you the assistance you need, when you need it, and how you need it, to whatever extent that may be!

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Working With Mirazon

Discovery | Positioning | Consolidation | Implementation | Standardization

We understand that migrating and/or integrating two IT systems can be exceedingly difficult, especially when firms have disparate infrastructures, network capabilities, and security policies.  Because of this, Mirazon is here to support you during the entire process. Our certified technical experts will assist you in ensuring that all of your devices are functioning at their maximum capacity and working together seamlessly from the start.


The IT Discovery Analysis is a broad overview of your IT environment. It helps our experts know where to begin and how to plan out the proper steps that suits your business’ needs. This includes:

– Inventory of server rooms, network, power, support, applications, etc.

– Potential roadblocks and/or security gaps

– Documentation procedures i.e. backup policies, DR plans, etc.


Figuring out how and where the new acquisition will fit into the business – especially the IT environment – is a daunting task. With so many variables, it can be hard to know the “right way” to do things. Our experts will help with:

– Independent environments wit shared applications

– Collaborating environments

– Full vs. partial integrations


Your engineer will look for any opportunities for consolidation including hardware, licensing, training, etc.


Sit down with your engineer to look over proper documentation, make any needed changes, and discuss how to contact Mirazon support, if needed.

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