Mirazon Shines During Balloon Glow and Wins Great Balloon Race!

Colorful Hot Air Balloon Taking Off With "Mirazon" On the Side

May 10, 2022 by Taylor Krieg

It’s Official – Mirazon Won the 2022 Great Balloon Race!

Every April, Louisville hosts one of its most well-liked events the week before the Kentucky Derby, known as the BalloonFest – where nearly a dozen hot air balloons glow under the stars, and color the morning sky with a whimsical flair. And over the past weekend, Mirazon participated in several of these BalloonFest events. We shined the brightest during the Balloon Glow AND came in first place in the Great Balloon Race! Mirazon has been participating in these events, showing off their very own colorful hot air balloon, for six years. This year – we were victorious!

It was the Hare & Hound Race. The Mirazon balloon acted as a Hound – being one of eleven – chasing the designated Hare ballon. Pilots had to toss a bag of seed near a huge vinyl X as the balloon landed. And according to officials, only eight of the 11 pilots were able to complete the measuring toss. Our pilot, Jerry Copas from Images Aloft Ballooning, tossed and landed us (very soothly, I might add) to victory!

I was one of the lucky people who got to ride in the balloon during the race – along with fellow Mirazonian Tyler Switalski – and it was incredible! As the sun rose, so did our balloon – lifting us above the city, flying over interstates and houses, and letting us greet Louisville in a way that I’ll never forget – and knowing my Mirazon team was down on the ground cheering us on made it that much more exciting.

Due to our new title as Champion, we were interviewed on a few of our local news stations! You can watch our celebratory interview, the toss that got us the win, and watch the livestream video from the balloon!

And so you can relish in this win with us, here are some photos from this year’s fantastic BalloonFest…

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