Multi-User MIMO: Why Ruckus Wireless’s R710 is Tops

Breakout view of the inside of a router with statistics about performance highlights

May 5, 2015 by Guest Blogger

Today’s guest blog is by Greg Kamer, systems engineer for wireless equipment manufacturer Ruckus Wireless.

It’s here: the newest, baddest access point on the block… the Ruckus Wireless R710.

It’s the first 802.11ac Wave 2 AP on the market. The R710 will be first to bring MU-MIMO, four spatial streams and is built with the Internet of Things (IoT) in mind. Besides having the best RF technology on the market with BeamFlex, which has been shown to consistently outperform competitors’ APs, it has a USB port for IoT technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It’s built for capacity with support for up to 500 concurrent stations on the AP and also supports three multiuser clients. It can send data to three different clients at once… that’s a game changer for airtime for your clients.

Combine that with Ruckus’ easy-to-use management interface and reliability and you have a killer combo. With new devices wanting Wi-Fi bandwidth being released on a seemingly daily basis, you absolutely need that kind of capacity, performance and reliability.

Enough marketing… let’s talk tech. You probably already know our about Ruckus Wireless’s BeamFlex+ technology, and if you don’t, let me tell you a bit about it. It allows for devices, in any orientation, to take full advantage of the Wi-Fi standards due to the polarization of the antennas in the housing.

Multi-user MIMO, however, is what I think is the coolest thing about the R710 AP. Let me give a bit of background… Wi-Fi is a half-duplex medium; that is, it cannot both send and receive on the same radio at the same time. It can’t serve multiple clients on the same radio either. Now, with Multi-user MIMO, it can. Think about it… if I could only service one client on the down link before, now I can service three. That’s stinkin’ cool! Imagine how much airtime you can free up. That means those Wi-Fi hungry devices don’t have to be starved for their piece of the wireless pie. And it’s a first with Ruckus Wireless.

Interested in the new 802.11ac Wave 2 APs? Email us or give us a call at 502-240-0404.

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