Navigating Your Network: A Comprehensive Guide to Network Discovery Assessments

Navigating Your Network

Jun 12, 2024 by khinds

Have you ever felt like you’re going in blind when it comes to your network security? You know there might be vulnerabilities, but where do you even begin to look?

This is where a Network Discovery Assessment becomes your cyber security Sherlock Holmes. It’s a comprehensive investigation into your network to meticulously analyze devices and connections. These assessments can help you pinpoint potential weaknesses and show you exactly where to put your security focus.

Similar to the more broad IT Assessment, a Network Discovery Assessment specifically targets the network infrastructure, including all connected devices and their configurations.

Understanding Your Network

Imagine a sprawling city you’re responsible for protecting. To do this effectively, you need a detailed map – knowing every street, building, and potential access point.

Your network functions similarly. A Network Discovery Assessment acts as your map, providing a complete picture of your network infrastructure. It identifies all devices connected to your system, from laptops and desktops to servers, switches, access points, and printers.

Analyzing Devices

Just like a city, your network can house both authorized residents and unauthorized visitors. The assessment goes beyond simply identifying devices; it delves deeper to understand their configurations, operating systems, and potential security risks.

Discovering Network Weaknesses

By analyzing every device and its interactions, the Network Discovery Assessment uncovers vulnerabilities within your network. This could be outdated software, misconfigured settings, or even unauthorized devices that have snuck in undetected.

Addressing the Need for Improvement

The true value of a Network Discovery Assessment lies in its ability to transform you from reactive to proactive. By pinpointing weaknesses, you can prioritize security measures, patch vulnerabilities, and create a more robust defense system.

Full Service Assessment 

The Mirazon network Discovery Assessment leaves no stone unturned. This comprehensive report on your entire IT infrastructure, captures a detailed asset report including hardware and software and how it all connects. Included in the assessment are diagrams of the network and server rack show how devices are connected. 

It also helps you identify potential security weaknesses, like outdated equipment though patch assurance reports. Our assessment will pinpoint potential power issues, any unused equipment, physical environmental risks and a Windows service accounts report. 

And when it comes to taking the next step, a network management plan and remediation plan with recommendations help you prioritize discoveries.

Mirazon: Your Network’s Trusted Security Partner

Mirazon’s internal network scans leverage advanced threat intelligence to uncover even the most cleverly hidden anomalies within your network infrastructure. These scans act as the foundation for a comprehensive security strategy, allowing you to:

  • Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers.
  • Gain complete visibility into your network, ensuring no unauthorized devices go unnoticed.
  • Prioritize security efforts by focusing on the areas that need the most attention.

Routine internal network scans, like those offered by Mirazon, are essential. These scans pinpoint weaknesses and note them to be addressed, allowing you to stay ahead of potential threats and maintain a secure network environment.

Don’t navigate your network alone

A Network Discovery Assessment, powered by Mirazon’s threat intelligence, is the key to a secure digital landscape. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you unlock the secrets of your network and fortify your defenses.

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