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Networking Services

Access Information. Transfer Information. Secure Information.

The premise of networking is painfully simple — get that data from here to there.

However, in practice, networking can become an ultra complex, finicky and ultimately, critical piece to your infrastructure.

The Mirazon team has certified and experienced networking professionals that can help you with your layer two, layer three, SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, or other networking initiatives. OSFP, BGP, VXLAN, throw it at us and we’ll bring you a robust, redundant and performant network solution.

Troubleshoot existing problems with performance, access or visibility in your network

Design and segment Wi-Fi or networks according to cybersecurity best practices

Balance your redundancy, performance and throughput needs with growth projections and budget

Assist in customizing the spec and type of your networking or Wi-Fi devices

Select from several well-tested and proven manufacturers

Educate you on how to manage and administer your network

Support and maintain your network as you grow

Network Discovery

Obtain greater control of your IT infrastructure by analyzing key network devices responsible for the overall health of your network. Troubleshoot problems instantly, and feel empowered to design the entire network for resilience – allowing you to effectively plan upgrades or maintenance accordingly.

Gain insightful information about your IT environment, and feel confident when it comes to the physical space around your infrastructure, including orphaned/rogue equipment, environmental risks, potential power issues, and end-of-life/support.

Asset Detail Report
-- Computer Serial Number, Make, Model
-- Storage model, serial, capacity, usage
-- Software details
-- Listening ports, and more!
Network Diagram
-- Layer 2-3 Diagram
-- MDF/IDF Diagram
-- Site Diagram
Server Rack Diagrams
-- Map/layout of server room
-- Shows everything you have
-- Shows how it all connects
-- MDFs & IDFs
Switch Documentation
Shows device to switch and switch port layout / connections
Patch Assurance Report
Shows any updates that still need to be installed to maintain a high level of security
Windows Service Accounts Report
Shows all service accounts on all computers
Network Management Plan
-- Get a punch list of your discoveries
-- Gain the competitive edge you deserve
Environmental Risks
-- Physical damages
-- Temperature / humidity
-- Sprinklers, etc.
Potential Power Issues
-- Backup power
-- Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
-- Surge protectors, etc
Orphaned / Rogue Equipment
Discover any unused equipment, and to what capacity
End of Life / Support
Discover any equipment you may have that could be nearing the end of its support
Remediation Plan & Recommendations
-- Gain control over your IT environment
-- Develop a higher insight of what it’s doing for you, and what it can do for you

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