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QLogic Mt. Rainier Technology

By April 30, 2013No Comments

QLogicAs server performance, higher virtual machine density, advances in network bandwidth increase alongside more demanding business application workloads, a performance gap grows between the new technologies and demands and the storage I/O subsystems. Because of this, storage I/O subsystems often become the performance bottleneck for most virtualized and data-intensive applications.

Traditionally, to meet these increasing workloads and demands, the problem was addressed through replacing or refreshing the storage arrays with newer products. A well-thought-out infrastructure refresh  can deliver improved system performance but also comes with a giant price tag as well as significant risk. Enter Flash memory as a solid-state drive (SSD). Flash memory outperforms rotating magnetic media and is on the fast track to widespread adoption.

With the development of SSD caching — in various different styles, like in arrays, appliances, or servers — came complex solutions. This situation causes system architects to weigh complex and potentially difficult trade-offs, while greatly limiting the ability to broadly apply the benefits of SSD caching.

Based on solutions that reliably move mission-critical applications and data over multiple storage protocols, QLogic developed the Mt. rainier technology with QCOP. Mt. rainier is a lightweight, elegant, and effective solution to the complex problem of critical I/O performance imbalance. With Mt. Rainier and QCOP, QLogic delivers a solution that simultaneously eliminates the threat of data corruption due to loss of cache coherence, while enabling efficient and cost-effective pooling of SSD cache resources among servers. Mt. Rainier combines the performance and scalability of server-based SSD caching with the economic efficiency, central management, and transparent support for operating systems and enterprise applications characteristic of appliance- and array-based SSD caching.


This technology from QLogic provides reliable, efficient, and effective architecture that delivers the key benefits of server, appliance, and array SSD caching as a standard feature of I/O-intensive servers. This new technology guarantees cache coherence, even in the most demanding active-active clustering environments, while simultaneously ensuring efficient utilization of SSD cache resources through QCOP.

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