What Organizations Like Yours Say About Us


“Highly Recommend”

“If you are looking for a company who will truly partner with you and take care of your IT needs like it’s their own, I highly recommend Mirazon for the job!”

– Katrina Chaney, Marcus Paint

“Excellent Company to Work With”

“Excellent company to work with… I highly recommend Mirazon to anyone interested in getting more than just your average IT experience. Mirazon feels like an extension of your team.”

– Todd Taylor, Taylor Advisors

“Made Us Feel Confident”

“You were our safety net and made us feel confident. It was well worth the money and time we spent. If we hadn’t have gotten the feedback we did, we wouldn’t be in as good of shape as we are now…Your team was very accommodating and nothing was a stupid question. As far as your team’s accessibility and responsiveness, I really appreciated it.”

– Rachel Rothwell

“Exceptionally Responsive”

“Mirazon masterfully managed our transition to Teams. It was virtually seamless, completed on schedule and within budget, and we experienced no unanticipated disruptions. Everyone at Mirazon was professional, knowledgeable, and exceptionally responsive throughout the entire process.”

– Jeffrey Kennard

“Wonderful Customer Care”

“We’ve worked with Mirazon for many years. They created our entire computer system and processed us through a change of locations. The entire Mirazon team has been wonderful and gives each client wonderful customer care. Mirazon has been there in every instance to help in a crisis or to answer questions. I highly recommend them as an IT partner.”

– Jason Tumulty

“Goes Beyond the Transactional Focus to Become a Trusted Partner”

“There are very few vendors who successfully transcend the typical customer/vendor transactional relationship to become a trusted partner. Mirazon is one of those few. Today, through our partnership with Mirazon we have modernized and consolidated our global network. We have eliminated hundreds of outdated, end-of-life servers, switches and storage arrays and implemented best-in-class solutions. Even more important; we have delivered a cost effective, fully-redundant, secure and highly reliable shared services IT model to our global business. And we did it without hiring a single IT headcount. Could we have reached our global IT modernization objective with some other technology vendor? Most likely. Would we have overspent on technology? Yes. Would I be talking about that one-in-a-thousand vendor that goes beyond the transactional focus to become a trusted partner in the truest sense? No. That’s what Mirazon, alone, delivered.”

– Todd Rumsey, WIRECO


“Mirazon support has a pool of experts available when we need assistance without the overhead of having these experts on staff. Mirazon gives us peace of mind. If we have a failure we have someone we can call. That is priceless.”

– Jim Nassar

“Top Notch”

“Top notch IT service and support!… I’ve always felt valued and heard as a customer, and love knowing no matter what comes up, I’ve got talented, knowledgable people to reach out to!”

– Amanda Hood

“Great Company”

“I stopped by today and I have never been greeted by so many people or so well taken care of. I was offered something to drink and asked if I needed anything by everyone I came into contact with. Wow, what a great company to do business with!”

– Ken Craig

“Mirazon provides a level of service that makes you feel valued and appreciated!”

– Chris Brady

“We appreciate our partnership with Mirazon and feel we could not have made a better choice than your team.”

– Kim Byram

“The Mirazon team is a pure joy to work with and I’m very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism.”

– Mick Johnson

“Amazing company to work with. When you work with Mirazon, you get a real partner.”

– Nick Phillips

“Using Mirazon is the beauty of having a full service instead of a person.”

– Karen Sensenbrenner

“Mirazon just makes it work.”

– Len Altier

“Mirazon has done an excellent job”

“Mirazon has done an excellent job of providing my security assessments the last two years. Both times the project was started on time, completed on time, and within budget. The engineer performing the assessment was well versed in his field and provided useful insights throughout the process. I will continue to keep Mirazon in my rotation of vendors providing our annual assessments.”

– John Frost, Investors Heritage

Investors Heritage